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Ikrisia Levinile
Premier of Vekaiyu
Title Premier of Vekaiyu
Assumed Office September 4th, 2010
Preceded by Selvala McEva

Gender Female
Race Vulpine
Born December 4th, 1988
Place of Birth Somewhere in Listonia
Age 30
Eye Color Light Blue
Height (feet) 5'3"
Weight (pounds) 94 lbs
Religion Vayan Catholicism
Languages Unonian, English
Alma Mater Eldura University

Ikrisia Levinilie is a twenty-seven year old vulpine sentient female from the nation of Vekaiyu. A test subject of the classified Project Uveshk, she is relatively close to her two surviving contemporaries, though in the past her cold demeanor kept her away from her fellow test subjects. In 2009, she became the Kral Commodore of Vekaiyu when Todd Leyuski was killed. One year later, she became the Premier of Vekaiyu following the arrest of Selvala McEva. Since becoming the Premier of Vekaiyu, her personality has changed slightly to one that is less reserved and more open and receptive to those around her. She looks to find solace from her past while at the same time leading her nation to new heights.


Early Life

What remained of Ikrisia's birth records were destroyed by the state under the reign of Max Venavle. Unknown to but a handful of people, Ikrisia was actually born in Listonia, but no Listonian certificate of birth was made. Her mother was killed by Dverian police, leaving her father to raise her while he was swept in an underground movement in Listonia. Roughly one year from her birth, she was taken from her father and supposedly enrolled in a program for gifted children. She, along with 20 other children her age, was taken to the town of Ilisto and inducted into Project Uveshk while the rest of the world believed that the train carrying the children had derailed and exploded.

Ikrisia was often signaled out for her ability to reason and articulate well. She was known for having the among the most stable minds out of the lot, and was therefore often subjected to various crude psychological experiments in an attempt to "break" her. She rebelled from time to time and remained a small thorn in the sides of the scientists. Finally, at age eight, a breakthrough procedure finally cracked her. Isolated in a poorly-lit chamber for two weeks, she underwent sensory deprivation and sleep prevention.What was once an optimistic and hopeful kit became a very cold and unfeeling female. She would not speak after the treatment until roughly one and a half months later.

Despite the traumatizing event, her response to the trials and experimentation improved drastically. She became a stronger student, especially in the field of chemistry and other sciences. While she did not have as much comradely as she did in the past, her isolation did keep her out of trouble during the chaos years, where a number of test subjects died from experimentation or from other test subjects. One, Todd Leyuski,killed a fellow test subject Ulrik Aasin for deliberately decapitating another. While Leyuski received harsh punishment, Ikrisia was intrigued at his reason for murder - he wanted to establish justice, meaning he somehow had adopted a code of morals. Remembering her own punishments, she appealed to this sense of morality. Perhaps consequently, her interest in Vayan Catholicism was founded.

On the Battlefield

Ikrisia in her PL-102 Battlesuit.

Since the members of Project Uveshk were bred to be super-soldiers, the fifteen surviving children were stationed from battlefield to battlefield, fighting whatever they were commanded to vanquish. The group of fourteen year-olds assumed a code name, donned special combat uniforms, and brutally annihilated both foreign soldiers and, unfortunately, civilians.

Ikrisia excelled in hand-to-hand combat, often killing because of the belief instilled within her by the experimenters that those she was killing were evil and deserved to be removed. Her cold demeanor afforded little regard for those she killed, and she was often disgusted and petulant with their seemingly selfish desire to spare themselves at the expense of their own people. Even soldiers, in her opinion, were the scum of the earth. Despite all of this, she often disobeyed orders if she felt commands were impeding on her moral codes, which were most decidedly twisted in this phase of her life.

She was appointed to Hejul General, having limited control over the Vekaiyun 79th division. While the position was considered an honor, she initially ignored her duty to the division and fought on her own accord. Once she understood the responsibility, she proved to be a necessary asset in commanding others and was able to use surprisingly effective tactics to overwhelm the enemy despite her limited resources. Her command was fluid and quickly adjusted to the situation at hand, which was unique in comparison with the other project members.


Ikrisia with her new arms.

While campaigning in Hethrum, the test subjects of Project Uveshk managed to secure important railway and waterway junctions across the region. However, the Hethrum Defense force was a formidable power and soon the group was used to quell their attempts at spearheading into the Vekaiyun lines. During the conflict, an errant blast from a Hethrum Light Tank vaporized the arms of Ikrisia up to the elbows, and disintegrated one of forearms of Todd Leyuski, who was fighting alongside her. Most of the children were willing to leave her behind and save Todd, now the Kral Commodore of Vekaiyu. This was per protocol, as several children had died or simply been abandoned in previous campaigns. However, Leyuski refused to leave without her, attempting to carry her body weighted down by her suit with one arm. That proved difficult for balance reasons, and according to legend he obtained a piece of steel and jammed it into his elbow joint to provide better leverage. The two made it to safety shortly thereafter.

Todd Leyuski's arm was replaced within days. There was no real attempt to fix the arms of Ikrisia with any degree of expedience, as she was not as valuable as he was to their cause. It wasn't until Leyuski refused to fight until she was fixed that Ikrisia was finally granted replacement arms of lightweight titanium composite. Over time and various flesh and tissue grafts later, she grew articulate once again and was able to perform detailed movements like she once did. While her arms were not constructed as well as Todd's, she gained some degree of physical power from them, even if they provided discomfort from time to time. It is from these events and past instances why it is believed she tended to be close to Leyuski.

The Separation and Reunion

Ikrisia in her teenage years.

When Max Venavle was assassinated by Selvala McEva, the test subjects received word that the scientists were instructed to erase the collective memories of the subjects and destroy all documentation related to the project. Consequently, the children, now mostly seventeen years old, destroyed the team of scientists and everyone residing in the town of Ilisto. Working together, they obtained documents pertaining to those who created the project, and destroyed all participants. Due to the covertness of the project and the swift end of those carrying it out, Project Uveshk is non-existent in the public eye. By the time Selvala McEva took over, Maxists had destroyed or hidden enough information on the project where it remained completely unknown to her.

After such time, Ikrisia assimilated into Vekaiyun society by constructing a solid backstory and using her knowledge to forge documentation only when needed. Slowly, she began to put her past behind her and simply desired an honest, quiet life. She was accepted into Eldura University based on test scores, as she scored the second-highest ever on the Eldura Entrance Exams. She concentrated mainly in chemistry but her thirst for knowledge was nearly unquenchable and she consequently took many courses to round herself out. She also took swimming, and it was revealed she was an excellent swimmer. She also tried out for the college's underwater hockey team, but she never amounted to any significance in the sport.

At age 22, she was transferred to Shiro Academy for one semester in order to give her more training with other languages - something she lacked - and foreign military tactics. Affixed with a device in her ear which translated English to Unonian "on-site", she was able to better understand her theoretical chemistry courses as well as language courses in English. Later on she would develop her English skills necessary for jobs later in life.

Upon entering the academy, the majority of her memories returned over time. The experiences overwhelmed her and began to change her way of thinking, undoing many of the positive traits she had picked up at Eldura University. Unfortunately, she returned to a cold and often sober demeanor, and lost several relationships in the process by her own doing. Eventually, however, she reached a crossroad and realized she had to face her past or be consumed by it. It was time to mend relations.

At Shiro she met an interesting cast of characters from Mahanoy, Drakkengard, Dannistaan, and Terasu among other nations. Through her contemporaries she learned to accept those who were not Vekaiyun, and realized for the first time in her life that her upbringing was wrong. Her past finally caught up with her when a former project member, Ivalsa McNusehy‎, went insane with the power of her reunited self and attempted to kill her and others. Ikrisia and Todd Leyuski stopped Ivalsa, however, at the cost of his own mortality.

Kral Commodore

Ikrisia next to Stapen Evesuni.

Prior to the death of Leyuski, he had chosen Ikrisia as his successor. After his death, Ikrisia returned home to Vekaiyu in order to carry on with her new duties, abruptly ending her collegiate career.

Assigned to mostly clerical duties, her year reign as a Kral Commodore was overshadowed by the paranoia of Selvala McEva, who viewed her skills and ideas as threats, and often believed she lacked skills her predecessor possessed. Consequently, Ikrisia's ideas and desires fell of deaf ears, and at times her role was reduced to that of a figurehead. Selvala, ever-conservative with the Vekaiyun military, was unable to trust her own countrymen in battle, and began to micromanage every facet of the government.

Ikrisia herself did not accomplish much under her term, but did manage to maintain peace between Vekaiyu, Mahanoy, and the newly-created Listonian state during very tense moments. Ikrisia was also instrumental with establishing trade agreements between Vekaiyu, Listonia, and Allegheny. Though much work was done to maintain the Vekaiyun armed forces under Leyuski, she did manage to further organize her nation's divisions and improve certain tactics as well as approve of new military equipment and armament. Organization was stressed under her term, as was relations with neighboring Listonia, which Ikrisia viewed as a gateway to eastward Vekaiyun influence.

Premier of Vekaiyu

While in Pittsburgh, the capital of Allegheny, it became increasingly aware to Ikrisia that Selvala was preventing any Vekaiyun progress on an international level due in part to her brash attitude toward other world leaders and her insistence on the superiority of Vekaiyun culture. Ikrisia sent an email to Mahanoy asking them how to mend relations, to which they responded they would accept upon the extradition of Selvala, who had been accused of assassinating their most important diplomat, Damon Diehl. Her opportunity was realized when Selvala attempted to assassinate the leader of Listonia, Stapen Evesuni during a recent spat between the two leaders. Consequently, various world leaders worked to have her removed (partly due to the beliefs of Selvala, but also partly due to the perceived naivety of Ikrisia). With Selvala taken into custody and extradited, Vekaiyu was Ikrisia's to run.

Ikrisia was quick to find an ally in Listonia. Even into her term as a Kral Commodore, the relationship between Ikrisia and Stapen Evesuni had been an unusual one. Her desire to have parents, his story of how he lost his daughter, and the looks of his wife prompted her to believe she was his daughter. Evesuni refused to accept her "lies", and for nearly one year the two had quarreled over this conflict, both vacillating on their own stances from time to time. When Evesuni went under the knife for a lung operation, Ikrisia requested a DNA test between him and her. The test revealed they were indeed related, and father and daughter were reunited in secrecy.

After meeting with the Commonwealth of Independent Nations of The East Pacific (CINTEP) alliance, Ikrisia revealed her plans to restore the Vekaiyun state and rid it of Maxism henceforth. Despite her glaring inexperience, she returned to Vekaiyu later that week and set the plans in motion. The removal of Selvala coupled with non-Maxist Ikrisia sparked a civil war within the nation. Ikrisia began by removing Maxist-sympathetic generals and commodores through poisoning and hanging. She took a firm stance on using military to neutralize any and all threats, in what became known as the controversial Governmental Purge of Vekaiyu. As several provinces broke away from the republic, she moved quickly to crush all opposition, calling on the help of Allegheny and Vulshain. In about three months, the conflict was over. She handled the "Great Tragedy" in Iruk gracefully and traveled to Nilisa after the war, another war-torn city, to mend the relations with the province of Kunnat.

Restoration of Vekaiyu

Ikrisia Levinile, the progressive leader of Vekaiyu.

Shortly after the war, Ikrisia oversaw the construction of the Kivreskov, Vekaiyu's legislative body, and worked to ensure their first session went off without issue. She also continued to remove any remaining Maxist supporters in the government. After solidifying her position as Premier of Vekaiyu, the relatively unknown Kral Commodore became known as a fierce leader. The Vekaiyun state began to accept her with caution - an individual who worked to distance herself from the likes of Max Venavle and Selvala McEva toiled to restore a state that was in many ways fragmented. This was especially prevalent after various political parties took root in Vekaiyu. In addition to legislative reform, Ikrisia set about reforming the judiciary system of the nation, removing corruption, and further reducing the power of the Premier. While she does not affiliate with any political party, the Vekaiyun Progressive Party generally sides with her policies.

Ikrisia distrusted both the Vekaiyun Royal Family and Maxists, the two factions that had ruled Vekaiyu previously, so she set about slowly changing the culture of the nation through various social programs. English was now required to be taught alongside Unonian. She invested heavily in science and technology through various funding programs and streamlining merit-based acceptance into colleges. Vekaiyun Nationalism, so prevalent under Max Venavle, was reduced and shifted toward a new concept - Vekaiyun Inclusion, or the idea that Vekaiyu was to be a leader and protector on an international stage. To make up for the shift, she siphoned money into Vekaiyun arts and history. The cities of Eldura, Calesu, and Provinsk were transformed into major trading hubs in preparation for a radical idea - the Yasterian Highway System, which would revolutionize trade in The East Pacific - completed in 2015. As for the royal family and Maxists, she slowly began obtaining incriminating documents on both in order to silence their opposition. Maxism was officially outlawed and, at times, resulted in loss of citizenship (Sen Ayigusi) or death.

Despite this, there were many who did not approve of her views and actions. Growing factions in the Kivreskov, which oppose of many of her policies, have become increasingly difficult to avoid, especially after the formation of the powerful Vekaiyun Union, established in 2015.

Return to Ilisto

Ikrisia as test subject.

Desiring to completely remove all evidence of the Project Uveshk, Ikrisia, assisted by former Ikole General and project member Xa Velikeste, returned to the confines to see what they could find. Upon being asked to come to Ilisto by Xa, she was led to a room where a former head scientist, Thomas, was ready to greet her, along with all other surviving members of the project. Thomas revealed that the project was to transform the remaining project members into inter-dimensional beings where they would use their powers to control and manipulate the world around them. Ikrisia, realizing she was tricked by Xa to attend the unveiling, threatened to terminate the project. Thomas realized she would not comply because, according to him, she had become 'too corrupted', and attempted to dispose of her for good.

She was placed in a room with Todd Leyuski, whose spirit lived on after being killed by Ivalsa McNusehy. He had begun the transformation early and was attempting to rebuild his body. She attempted to console the grotesque figure before her, but was moved back to the main room where she was placed in experimental gear and locked within a water-filled tank. Once she was contained, Lso Ekvert began his transformation using a device built by the scientists, but the transformation went terribly wrong. This caused the test subjects to have doubts and a conflict erupted between them, the scientists, and the security personnel present within the confines. As the fighting intensified, the unnatural being Leyuski entered the room and with a flash of light and a loud thud killed those who weren't protected by the Lexan plexiglass of the tank Ikrisia was confined in. All but three perished.

Visela Elestri freed Ikrisia. The other survivor, Vanse Iliosku,wanted to leave the room and go after any other security personnel and scientists in the confines. Ikrisia left the room but not before saying goodbye to Leyuski. By thought communication he asked her to kill him, which she did after begging him not to.

The three together escaped the confines, with Visela grabbing some important experimental information. They attempted to escape out of the cathedral room, but security personnel sealed the entrance before the others eradicated all of them. Escaping out of a hidden portal by climbing up a ladder, Vanse came out first but was shot. The assailant then told the rest to come up, to which they did. The killer - Thomas - then explained how Ikrisia had ruined everything and that his final pleasure would be killing her. A fight ensued, but when he gained the upper hand (after explaining he had applied advances to his own body too), he pointed his gun at her. Before he could fire, Stapen Evesuni shot and killed the man. Evesuni then explained how he was able to reach her - by using a track on her phone he had been privy to - and that he came due to her secretary unable to locate her when they were supposed to have a meeting. Project Uveshk was officially ended, and the evidence of it was destroyed thereafter.

Arrival of the Vulshainian King

A month after the events involving Project Uveshk, Ikrisia received a visit from King Samuil Rainard of Vulshain. After receiving his gifts, including a jeweled necklace that he personally put on her, an attempt was made on her life by a Rygardi assassin. Luckily, Samuil saved her life.

During dinner with King Rainard and his family, she became interested in them and their nation's government and culture. The next day, she and Samuil had their swimming race, with Ikrisia barely winning over the Vulshainian king. Ikrisia continued to socialize with her guests, even going so far as to take part in the birthday celebration of Erik Rainard, where she presented a replica of an 11th century war mask from the Province of Eldura. Later, the Queen Dowager gave Ikrisia a beautiful kimsari, a traditional Vulshainian women's garment.

Despite several attempts at courting, Ikrisia was quick to ignore or refuse any involvement with the king from Vulshain, maintaining a platonic relationship only. She had stated on numerous occasions that she will not compromise her state for the sake of a foreign leader. On their last meeting, the question came up yet again, to which Ikrisia responded by saying she would court the leader if he would accept all Vulshain territories under permanent Vekaiyun dominion. The king, of course, refused.

2012 Listonian War

Stapen Evesuni was becoming increasingly hostile towards the Vekaiyun nation headed by Ikrisia Levinile. Their relationship, which had grown fragile over the previous six months, was quickly deteriorating. Unknown to Ikrisia, Evesuni was replaced by a body double in a coup earlier that year. Ikrisia, on the other hand, had secretly devised a plan with a patent lawyer living in Listonia, Lso Yiskevi, to coup the Listonian government and remove who she believed to be her father from the post. She expressed her trust in the individual after reading his writings and realizing how well he had captured the imagination of an increasingly-oppressed Listonian populace.

On January 24th, 2012, the nation of Listonia attacked Vekaiyu when it sent missiles into the province of Skendia. When both missiles entered the Skendia Metropolitan Defense Zone, both projectiles were obliterated by defense towers. The 'deeply furious' Premier Levinile was quick to respond, backing up previous interviews and speeches where she promised a more aggressive approach to nations that directly engage in confrontation with the home nation, contrary to Vekaiyun leaders before her. The next day a calculated assault from Vekaiyu into Listonia was launched in order to quickly and systematically neutralize the increasingly hostile state.

Vekaiyun armored divisions faced little resistance as they drove through Listonia, which could not organize a formidable defense. Indeed, the nation's military comprised of mostly outdated Vekaiyun technology and vehicles, and most armored groups were positioned in east Listonia for the pending invasion of Elphana, believing the Vekaiyun Premier would bluff a move at them. Perhaps the most successful of assaults were the cerebral drives of the storied 42nd infantry division and the 40th armored corps, which in ten days gained control of Evesunigrad. The city was heavily fortified, but was important due to the large highway connecting it with the capitol. Three days later, the two divisions spearheaded an attack towards Ye'leli to capture the Listonian capitol. Other major cities fell soon after, especially when the upper echelons of Listonian military command collapsed.

While it was later revealed that the individual portraying Stapen Evesuni wasn't Evesuni but instead was a body double, the events in Listonia proved to Levinile that the state was too volatile to simply be left to its devices. Consequently, a Vekaiyun military presence was installed in the nation. The Useli, now laden with Vekaiyun supporters, maintained strong connections to their western neighbors. Despite friction from international organizations, Levinile installed both Lso Yiskevi and Stapen Evesuni as co-premiers, dubbed Cadipremiers. This position created great friction between the two men, which Ikrisia used to her advantage in order to keep the state compliant. The two Cadipremiers would remain at their posts until the formation of The Vekaiyun Union.

2014 Dverian War

The Dverian provinces of Goykag and Ikogu.

Vekaiyu had grown increasingly vexed at and goaded by Dveria since the end of the 2012 Listonian War. Despite this, no immediate action against the state was seriously considered until two important factors - the Dreadful Dverian Document, which demonstrated unprecedented abuse and atrocities by vulpine minorities in the Dverian provinces of Ikogu and Goykag, and the assassination attempt on Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile's life and the death of "Vekaiyu's Favorite Son", Vinsent Miloskari - rallied the Vekaiyun people to war with Dveria. Joint Vekaiyun - Listonian forces commanded by Kral Commodore Yamano Nevikalu and Vil Commodore Yiisu Iskaristre punched salients through the perilous Listonian - Dverian border in November 2013. Despite this, they were not given clearance to move further into Dverian territory, due in part to Iskaristre's brazen and careless tactics which resulted in near complete destruction of one of his divisions. Listonian divisions, fueled by almost four hundred years of oppression by their former overlords, were pushed to the front, ready to be unleashed on the Dverians.

It was not until May 11th that the nation was given full clearance to attack Dveria, catalyzed by further aggression from the state. Ikrisia pitted her two commodores against each other and used their distrust of one another to make significant gains in territory. She had known for months that Iskaristre was high on obtaining Nevikalu's position. On May 16th, Vekaiyun forces were only seventy miles out from the Dverian capitol of Nugala. Knowing that the northern front lead by South Hills was nearing the capitol, it became increasingly important to Ikrisia Levinile that the capitol must be taken by Vekaiyu in order to gain de jure over the Dverian state. She informed both her commodores that the one whose division planted a Vekaiyun flag on the Dverian palace would become the unquestioned Kral Commodore of the nation. Nevikalu secured the capitol two days later, and Iskaristre was installed as a temporary military leader in the region. The nation of South Dveria was established as a result of The Kerilo Accord, a powerful military and trade alliance forged by several leaders that worked together to neutralize Dveria.

The Creation of the Vekaiyun Union

As the summer of 2014 moved on, it became increasingly clear to Ikrisia Levinile that Vanse Iskaristre was not following her orders with respect to running the Dverian state. She knew a human state must be lead by a human leader, especially one like Dveria, and this leader needed to be someone that was far from the Vekaiyun military or current Vekaiyun government. After revelations of abuse perpetrated by Iskaristre and his men began to poke through, the matter was made high priority. She set her eyes on Daszo Kivlevov after correctly assuming that the human had waning loyalty to the Vekaiyun Royal Family and was instead loyal to the current Vekaiyun government. This was proven when he gave her sensitive documents from the royal family which showed, much to Ikrisia's dismay, that the royal family had full knowledge of Project Uveshk and still went along with it, even though they knew of the brash and brazen actions of Max Venavle.

After the death of Iskaristre, plans were set into motion and Ikrisia installed Daszo as Premier of South Dveria. Leina Kivlevov, Daszo's younger vulpine cousin, was also moved to South Dveria. Together they would be monitored by a crew of Vekaiyun military personnel, led by the respected Vil Commodore Seri Lekostrovi, who would become the military leader of the nation.

At current, the nations of South Dveria and Listonia were well within Vekaiyun sphere of influence. The newly-annexed nation Isklevyu - obtained by Vekaiyun (and, in part, Ikrisia's) irridentilism, was added to the sphere, providing a strong Vekaiyun buffer zone. After speaking with a few leaders separately, she invited all Vekaiyun-loyal nations to Ye'leli, where the group agreed to form a powerful military, political, and trade agreement through forming The Vekaiyun Union. Lso Yiskevi was moved over from Cadipremier of Listonia to General Secretary of The Vekaiyun Union. The position is ultimately a semi-puppet position set up by Levinile.

The creation of The Vekaiyun Union established a powerful trade and military pact that would shape the continent of Yasteria completely. Ikrisia called for the completion of the Yasterian Highway System, and the Gulf of Itur was finally connected with the Gulf of St. Aiya. Vekaiyu's dominance in commerce was realized.


Ikrisia preparing for a game of Underwater Hockey, Vekaiyu's number-one pastime.

Irkisia is a personality in transition. Formerly a cold and reserved vixen, she is warming up to people and companionship based on her most recent experiences. She is sometimes anti-social and can respond in a manner where one would assume she doesn't enjoy their company. In reality, she doesn't mind the companionship, mainly because being around others keeps her from remembering or thinking about her past. In terms of revealing her emotions, she rarely opens up to anyone, and is often disturbed when people open up to her (unless it she is interacting with someone she believes she can trust). She is a devout follower of Vayan Catholicism, but has thus far managed to distance herself from mixing politics with the church in her nation's government.

She has had a habit of treating individuals like robots - expecting a conditioned response - and used this way of thought to keep them under control, though it often does not work. She becomes intrigued when such a person escapes what she believes to be 'norms', such as immorality, ignorance, and carelessness. She used to be a very specist individual and was subject to the brainwashing of extreme Vekaiyun nationalism, but various experiences in her life have led her to accept that all people deserved basic rights, until they threaten the rights of others. She is quick to judge, and swiftly handles difficult situations with a defense of her actions provided if necessary.

Recently, she has begun to believe that little separates a Vekaiyun from a foreign individual in terms of worth. Such conclusions were realized when she began to examine the events after the terrorist attack didn't separate vulpine from human, and that perhaps, when unified under a common cause, the separate cultures and biologies are meaningless - the soul is what matters. Indeed, witnessing acts of selflessness and self-sacrifice often move her to examine herself, causing her to change, typically moving in a direction opposite of her upbringing.

Her idea of a good time is sitting alone, immersed in thought, lying in the middle of an open field. She loves to swim due to the exercise and the isolation of the sport while swimming. She is also an avid diver and absolutely loves to scuba dive and snorkel. Though she does long for people who would be up to her often demanding standards, she often feels isolated from others due to her past, feeling that they couldn't understand what she had done and why she did what she did.

Her growing pains of becoming a leader have softened recently, as she attempts to do what is best for the nation and is at least somewhat cognizant of the consequences of her actions. Her drive and motivation tends to keep those around her on their feet and active, and her term has been defined by energy and new ideas. Vekaiyun opinions of her are mixed, but her credibility increased drastically since the start of the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War.

Physical Aspects

Premier Levinile enjoying a dive off the Vekaiyun coast.

Ikrisia is extremely agile - her body is well-designed for very demanding tasks which require a lot of stamina and flexibility. She is able to twist, turn, run, and jump where she seems fit to do so, which gives her excellent control over her body. This ability helps her well in sports, especially swimming, where she has displayed a unique abilityand affinity for.

While her body should presume weak overall strength, her arms provide impressive strength, able to bend softer metals and break through walls. However, the junctions of the composite frame of her armsto bone were not carefully installed, often giving her pain. She does have a high tolerance to pain due to the psychological experimentation she endured, but the sharp pain can be agonizing at times.

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