Yamano Nevikalu

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Yamano Nevikalu
Kral Commodore of Vekaiyu
Title Kral Commodore of Vekaiyu
Assumed Office December 31st, 2010
Preceded by Ikrisia Levinile

PreviousTitle Solike Commodore
Span September 7th, 2010
to December 31st, 2010
Preceded by none

Previous Title Lur General
Span May 3rd, 2007
to September 7th, 2010

Gender male
Race Human
Born July 28th, 1975
Place of Birth Soveri, Vekaiyu
Age 39
Eye Color Brown
Height (feet) 6'0"
Weight (pounds) 195 lbs
Religion Vayan Catholicism
Languages Unonian, English

Yamano Nevikalu is the current Kral Commodore of Vekaiyu.


A middle-aged human male, he began his service to the Vekaiyun Armed Forces during Selvala McEva's reign as Premier of Vekaiyu. He proved himself a strong soldier, but upon being promoted to a Lur General in 2007, he saw limited action and was reduced to mostly clerical work in Eldura. He became increasingly frustrated with his job. He knew of his talents, and his skills as a tactician and a soldier on the battlefield were masterful. He actually sent a letter of resignation to Selvala McEva, demanding his resignation if he was not put back on the front lines. By chance, his letter was intercepted by then-Kral Commodore Ikrisia Levinile, who had been thrusted into the position of Premier after McEva's arrest. She did her research on the individual, and was convinced his loyalty rested with Vekaiyu and not Maxism, especially since, according to her, no sane human would support such a philosophy.

Nevikalu was promoted to Sipavu Commdore during the Governmental Purge on September 7th, 2010 and was immediately tested on the front lines of the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War. Most of his action was in Iruk, where he faced blame during the Great Tragedy, but was cleared of blame when it was revealed to be a Maxist plot. Instead, divisions under his lead appeared to limit what could have been an even greater catastrophe. His efforts in the war and in past accomplishments earned him another promotion to Kral Commodore on December 31st, 2010.

In many ways, the Kral Commodore and Premier of Vekaiyu grew and learned their respective positions together. Ikrisia was new and inexperienced as Premier, and Nevikalu, while trustworthy and loyal, was significantly limited in terms of officer support and recent battlefield experience. Indeed, the 2010 civil war removed significant leadership in the Vekaiyun Armed Forces, rendering the fighting force disorganized and impotent. Much of Nevikalu's first two years on the job was devoted to re-building a strong core of Vekaiyun personnel in his army, and subjecting the armed forces to a complete reorganization. Small skirmishes with Laiatan and Drakkengard were approached with this in mind.

The real first test to the Vekaiyun armed forces came during the 2012 Listonian War, where Vekaiyu made short work of the disorganized but numerous Listonian divisions. After trouble in Evesunigrad, the Vekaiyun armies marched on and sacked the capital, Ye'leli, without major loses. Nevikalu was put in charge of stabilizing Listonia. Soon, Sipavu Commodore Yiisu Iskaristre was placed in that position so Nevikalu could resume focus on Vekaiyun military movements abroad. However, Iskaristre's masterful efforts in securing and transitioning Listonia soon set off a rivalry between the two men that would not be resolved two years later during the 2014 Dverian War, which pitted the two commodores against each other. Levinile intentionally used their rivalry to her advantage by assigning both commodores different sections of the southern front - Nevikalu was provided the western half, while Iskalristre was given the eastern half of the front. Nevikalu made greater gains and maintained integrity. Iskaristre's true nature shone when he employed unethical policies against the Dverian people and could not form a sustained offensive into Dveria, and was pushed back on two separate occasions. Nevikalu secured the capital Nugala - his second capital conquered in two years - and was assured his job security.

Nevikalu is currently in the process of securing South Dveria and working closely with Listonians to secure Isklevyu, an annexed territory proposed by The Vekaiyun Union.


Nevikalu is a hard-nosed but fair individual. He does not often show emotion, and instead maintains a calm and collected demeanor in even the thickest of battles. His language skills are unpolished despite working a desk job during much of Selvala McEva's reign. Quiet settings can be bothersome, and he instead prefers to be in battle where he is apparently able to think more clearly. Little is hidden from within his personality - what one sees is what one gets, and he is not a fan of "game-playing" or other "passive aggressive behavior", in his words.

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