Dreadful Dverian Document

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Dverian Provinces of Goykag and Ikogu.

The Dreadful Dverian Document was a 552 page report which outlined various eyewitness accounts, reports, declassified intelligence, and news circulations that connected specific events in the Dverian states Goykag and Ikogu and the entire Dverian nation to atrocities committed against nonhuman individuals, to civil unrest roused in Listonia, and even to the assassination attempt on Ikrisia Levinile's life by Dverian nationalist Ulyake Norvung in late October 2013. While the report indicated multiple locations in and around Dveria as the source of such problems, it specified the two states as being "hotbeds of disorder and disarray."

The Dreadful Dverian Document was one of the catalysts to the 2014 Dverian War.

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