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Vekaiyun Political Parties are organizations of Vekaiyun citizens who have united for a specific set of goals or values with the intent of meeting these goals in the Vekaiyun government. Specifically, this pertains to the Kivreskov, or the Vekaiyun legislature. There currently exists six political parties in Vekaiyu.

Most political parties have origins prior to the formation of the Kivreskov. The Vekaiyun Progressives, for instance, have roots when Max Venavle was in power. Other political parties have borrowed ideas from foreign entities. Such is the case with the Vekaiyun Democratic Party, which calls for elections of all political offices in Vekaiyu.

Political parties became legal after the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War, and gained popularity with the announcement of a representative legislature in Vekaiyu. The 2011 Kivreskov elections showed strong popularity among the Vekaiyun Progressive Party. Consequently, all of these parties have morphed since their inception in order to cater to a maximum audience and establish a more defined direction.

List of Vekaiyun Political Parties

Below are a list of the current political parties in Vekaiyu, along with a brief description of each.

  • Communist Party: to ensure equality among the classes and complete removal of private ownership.
  • Democratic Party: to hold elections for all positions of office, including that of the premier and to push for more freedoms of the individual.
  • Equality Party: to give more rights to provinces and decrease the authority of the Vekaiyun state over individual provinces.
  • Meritocratic Party: to transform the Vekaiyun state into a state of enlightenment and ensure all positions are distributed on qualifications of the individual only.
  • Progressive Party: to continue the reformations established by Ikrisia Levinile, improve Vekaiyun arts and sciences, and improve Vekaiyu's image on an international level.
  • Totalitarian Party: to expand Vekaiyun dominance without regard to foreign image of the state and to dramatically increase the numbers of the Vekaiyun Armed Forces.

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