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Selvala McEva is the former Premier of Vekaiyu. A confrontational and often overpowering personality, this vulpine female served as premier for five years: from 2004 to 2009. Despite numerous criticisms and a handful of assassination attempts, she kept her trademark down-to-business-attitude constant and accomplished much during her reign, though much was also lacking. Her service ended when she was extradited for the attempted assassination of Listonian Premier Stapen Evesuni, and was consequently extradited to Mahanoy.

Early Life

Selvala, which in Vekaiyun means "woman full of grace", was born to Sisansi McEva and a Jewish fox named Herschel Vornisky. Her full name, Selvala Aiya Kekteremia Vornisky, is crossed out on her birth certificate and replaced with her mothers' maiden name for an unknown reason. Baptized into the Vayan Catholic faith, she lived in the sleepy village of I'ulevu, roughly ten miles from the Kunnat Highlands in Vekaiyu. At age three, the village was destroyed, presumably by fighting in the region caused by Max Venavle ordering a strike in an attempt to liberate the highlands from Dveria. Both her parents died in what was officially labeled as "war-time catastrophe" on her identification certificate, given to her when she was officially recognized as an orphan by the state.

She was transferred from orphanage to orphanage until she eventually ended up at St. Ankya Home for Lost Children in Eldura, the capital city of Vekaiyu. There she was taken care of by nuns and received a strict education typically provided by veterans of war - both male and female - who could not easily find work elsewhere. Her and her fellow orphans were often given demanding tasks or harsh punishments from their educators. However, she did receive an excellent education in return - many volunteer professors often offered to teach the children in addition and were accepted. Mixed with harsh discipline, the orphaned children learned quite a lot, as homework and friendship was their outlet from a seemingly mad world.

Service Time in War

War is ugly, but sometimes necessary


—Selvala, commenting on the Hethrum ground campaigns performed by Fox Rite.

Because she was an orphan, she was claimed as property of the state at age fifteen. Orphaned teenagers typically were claimed and forced to serve in the armed forces, which was actually quite an honor under Max Venavle's reign. She was removed from the orphanage and joined, quickly proving to be a very capable and excellent soldier. Her first campaign was across The Pacific, where her tact and charm served her well. Following wars proved her skill and gifted ability to understand the mind of the opposition. She was quickly promoted to the rank of a field commodore, donning a new uniform, which she often complained was very claustrophobic, and continued to impress those around her with her tact, intellect, and charm.

While fighting, she sustained a growing fear of combat. More specifically, a fear of not only being killed, but watching those close to her die. This could have been intensified with the death of her parents, but it is unknown, as she refuses any type of communication on the matter.

Nevertheless, her recent successes caught the attention of Max, who grew to view her as a potential wife, despite his known promiscuity and that he was ten years older. He appointed her to Ler Commodore, the person in charge of national defense of Vekaiyu, and had her sent home, much to the dismay of those on the battlefield who required her services.

Upon her second month of serving under her new position, she was invited to a banquet held on Max's estate. During the event, Max attempted to overpower her in his quarters, but Selvala repelled. He then followed by assaulting her, to which she removed one of her long metallic hairpins and stabbed him with it, most likely first stabbing him in the right eye. She then presumably cut his head off while he was still breathing.

Selvala, Leader of Vekaiyu

Selvala's trial for the execution of Max Venavle was officially pardoned by The Bishop of Eldura after multiple people in the jury fell ill and died. Under Max's provisions of power, in the event of his death, the Ler Commodore and Kral Commodore were to lead the nation, with the Ler Commodore given precedence. Todd Leyuski, the young Kral Commodore of Vekaiyu, bowed and allowed Selvala to act as a provisional leader until a government could be formed. This was crucial - with a skeletal government quickly formed, it saved the nation from potentially years of unrest and hardship.

Implementing Socialism into every level of government, the nation made a gradual recovery as the people once again put their trust into a system they had lost a generation ago. Industries were regulated by the state and both businesses and manufacturers were allowed to be privately owned, but were still heavily regulated and fell under price fixing. Much like the socialism programs of Vekayu's past, multiple projects were started to keep the economy from collapse, and leniency on private ownership of property eased an otherwise abrupt transition of government.

What resulted was a depression that lasted just two years. Once adjusted, Vekaiyu flourished once again, the people more receptive of a socialist system. Leyuski and McEva could do no wrong. The only glaring problem was the fact that the government had been very slow to progress. A Vekaiyun congress could not form under Selvala's rule. Towards the end of her reign, she became increasingly stubborn and obstinate with others, especially those who went against her whims. Kral Commodore Ikrisia Levinile was often targeted for her frustration. Her intolerance nearly led to a war with The Elite Empire when she refused to do anything regarding the assassination of Damon Diehl.

She was also responsible for one of the most controversial moves in The East Pacific realm in recent memory: the sale of biological weapons from Vekaiyu to Listonia. This caused much distress across the realm, and was condemned by a handful of countries for her impious actions.


The highly-opinionated leader had a multitude of opinions on certain matters. Below is a small sampling from key issues.

On Foreign Policy

The hands of the civilized world are indeed covered with fur.


—Selvala, speaking at a campaign rally.

Kivia (Ms., unmarried) McEva was known across the realm of The East Pacific for her comments, both flattering and condemning. She showed she was not afraid to speak her mind. Intelligent and skillful, she watched what others said very carefully and was quick to applaud and condemn them wherever she felt it fit to do so.

In keeping with her track record, she was most welcoming to nations which were both tolerant of the vulpine race and had equal rights for women. The former became increasingly important towards the end of her reign. Above all, she seemed to take firm stances on her beliefs, regardless of how popular it was, which caused friction across the realm.

On Religion

While Selvala is practicing Vayan Catholic, she was very tolerant of other religions. She had demonstrated in the past her interest in Islam, and found their beliefs fascinating. During her reign in Vekaiyu, religious policies had been very liberal and unhindered. However, due to the Vayan Catholic Church in partial control of the state and its closeness with the vulpine sentient species, it still retained much power across the state.


Selvala McEva was removed from her position while at the Commonwealth of Independent Nations of The East Pacific (CINTEP) conference in Pittsburgh, the capital of Allegheny. Roused by anger of Stapen Evesuni's ignorant background and fears of him ruining her plans, she attempted to assassinate the Listonian leader with her hairpins. Her and Evesuni struggled, but the sounds of their fight caught the attention of Alleghenian guards. Once caught, she attempted to strangle Ikrisia Levinile, who had pushed Selvala's frustrations to the limit. She was consequently arrested and, upon striking a deal with Mahanoy, was extradited to Carbonis.

Selvala currently exists in a prison cell within the Carbonis complex.

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