Vekaiyu Under Max Venavle

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Once the dawning of the late 20th century was at hand, society would change once again. A disgruntled and fiery young general, Max Venavle, seized power from the king of Vekaiyu by winning over the hearts of his contemporaries and signing off their alliance from the king to him. A prideful yet intelligent fox, Max abolished the social class system and did away with most governmental programs. He re-created classes based upon servitude to the nation itself, making those who served in his army the highest class a commoner could achieve. Finally, the nation itself began to invade other nations after remaining in general peace for so long. With his comrades establishing the union Fox Rite, Max used the union as a vehicle to spread his political agenda. Vulpine men and women marched onto foreign soil, claiming countless regions and nations as its own, building empires much like a child works with Tinker-Toys, and slaughtering millions, all in the name of unity, justice, and duty.

Max faced mixed reactions from his people. Any rebellions were quelled quickly and with devastating force. Paranoia was commonplace, as any person suspected of having mixed feelings of Max were killed or sent to death camps. Many nations surrounding Vekaiyu tried to pass embargoes and sanctions on the nation, but were ultimately too afraid to inflict any sort of damage. In short, he often fought with little opposition from those who inwardly hated him and his policies. But, his results were magnanimous - Vekaiyu's territory, including colonies, expanded to almost thirteen times its original size.

Max was highly known for his love of women, which would lead to his eventual demise. While he never married, he would often toy with two or three vixens at a time. And while the women he used were often a picture of beauty, he was far from eye-catching. A farming accident damaged his left eye at a young age, causing the tissue around it to swell shut and eventually heal in smaller slit brought on by the compression bandages he wore during recovery. He was also well-known for his lust of blood, specifically human blood. This practice, which had been relatively abolished since the end of the pagan times, was looked upon with scorn from foreign nations, and he was typically quoted with saying how sweet the meat tasted.

A brilliant general, the dictator would often ride into battle with his own men, though it would typically be in areas of little danger. At his death in 2002, he had won over fifty battles alone, lost three, and kept the entire realm gripped in fear. His death signaled the end of a capitalistic approach and, with the aid of Selvala McEva and Todd Leyuski, the nation made a somewhat difficult transition back to socialism.

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