Assassination Attempts on Ikrisia Levinile

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Ikrisia Levinile has survived several assassination attempts while serving as Vekaiyun Premier since 2010.


At approximately 21:12 VST in September 9th, Premier Levinile was attending a conference to find resolution at District 58 when a Dverian citizen activated a bomb from a cell phone in the Ministry of Defense building in Anglesey City, Bachtendekuppen. The blast killed the Dverian king, who had been negotiating over the Dverian provinces of Goykag and Ikogu. Also killed was the well-loved Vekaiyun Minister of the Interior, Vinsent Miloskari, who had devoted years of loyal devotion to the Vekaiyun state. Levinile, who had evaded the brunt of the blast, was rescued by Hyas Tsinuk of the Grand Pacific. She sustained minor injuries.


At approximately 18:23 VST on October 31st, Premiere Levinile stepped outside the eleventh building entrance of the Yir Oyakor Convention Center East Wing onto Rilaki Street. She was intending to depart to her private accommodations in Vusave as the Second Convention of Vekaiyun Progress day five was nearing a close. Upon exiting, she stopped to greet a few individuals whose identities have not been released by Vekaiyun Neutralization Officers. As she turned to her private car, four shots from a 9mm Istrovyey-29 handgun were fired. Film analysis revealed three of the shots hit the vulpine leader: once in the right forearm, and twice on the right torso area. Levinile was quickly moved to the premier's ambulance which made it to Vusave Metro Hospital three minutes later at 18:27 VST.

The gunman was quickly apprehended and shot execution-style by a local Vusave Police Officer who had taken part in subduing the shooter. The gunman was later revealed to be Ulyake Norvung, a Dverian nationalist.

Levinile entered surgery to repair wounds sustained from the gun shots. She required four weeks to completely recover from her injuries, and made her first public appearance in an address to the Vekaiyun nation on December 10th, 2012.


On May 25th, 2011, Levinile was targeted by an assassination attempt while visiting Vulshain. The shot missed, but the shooter took his life before authorities could apprehend him. The shooter was later revealed to be a sympathizer from Rygard, who was angry at Vulshain's declaration of war with the state.

On May 5th, 2011, Ikrisia was targeted by the leading scientist of Project Uveshk during an escape attempt in Southern Vekaiyu. The scientist was killed and she was able to leave the compound with three other surviving members. The entire ordeal was unknown to those outside of the compound.


Intelligence from Bai Lung led to the thwarting of an assassination attempt on Premier Levinile's life on September 10th. The two men were found in the city centre of Kazakhbari were they were seen exchanging a beige coloured envelope containing 250,000 Kashgar Som, a handwritten note in Kashgari, and a photo of the premier. The plotters, Sergey Portin and Miekhael Nieko Bullic, were a part of The Kashgar Liberation Front, a terrorist organization in Bai Lung known for their suicide bombing attacks and hostage taking on innocent civilians. The two were extradited to Vekaiyu where they were interrogated further and finally hanged.

Two days before her promotion to Vekaiyun Premier, on September 2nd, an operative from Carbonis, Brandon Dinardeau, pointed a gun to the Premier's head at a conference in Allegheny. After talking him down, he removed the threat and talks resumed.

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