Leina Kivlevov

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Leina Kivlevov
Princess of Vekaiyu (in abeyance)

Gender female
Race Vulpine
Born March 2nd, 2000
Place of Birth Calesu, Vekaiyu
Age 14
Eye Color Brown
Height (feet) 4'7"
Weight (pounds) 81 lbs
Religion Vayan Catholicism
Languages Unonian, English

Leina Kivlevov is the last surviving relative of the Vekaiyun Royal Family, and currently holds a status as princess. While only twelve years old, many, including Ikrisia Levinile, are pushing for her to assume the throne and restore her family's line once more.


While much of the royal family was killed during Max Venavle's rise to power, some, namely the daughter of the king and queen, survived the attacks after fleeing to a nearby nation as a child. She, along with her cousin, fled to Warre, the only nation with a substantial monarchy. When she became pregnant, she traveled back to Vekaiyu to give birth, as an old Vekaiyun custom states royalty cannot be consummated and birthed outside of their borders. Leina was born on March 2nd, 2000, on a sunny Vekaiyun morning. She was then transported back to Warre, where she would grow up and learn. Her mother, and later her cousin, were killed by Maxists upon visiting their home nation, leaving the young kit by herself.

The Ard Ri of Warre assumed responsibility of Leina, but her desire to be among her kind compelled her to travel to Vekaiyu. She was brought along as a guest by the Ard Ri to a conference in Allegheny, where she met Ikrisia Levinile. The young Kral Commodore found friendship in the princess, and the two remained friends through the close of 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War, when she decided to move to Vekaiyu for good. She moved back in with her royal family and lived among the Kivlevovs. She had difficulty fitting in, but found friendship in Daszo Kivlevov, another misfit among the royal family. When Daszo decided the royal family would never accept him since he was human, he decided to accept the Premier's offer and move to South Dveria to become the nation's first Premier. Leina couldn't bare the thought of living alone with the family. Thus, Daszo allowed to her accompany him, though with great hesitation. Ikrisia was also against her moving to South Dveria, which according to both of them was no place for a young vulpine. But, her insistance and Daszo's promise to protect her granted Leina clearance into the state.


Leina is a common vulpine female for her age. She stands at roughly 3.5 feet tall and 43 lbs, which is healthy and fairly average for a vulpine female of her age. She has blue eyes and is white-furred with an average sized muzzle. Her hair varies from a soft white to black, depending on how she dyes it. During the crisis in Allegheny, her hair was a natural brown.

Leina's personality is one that is fairly humble. She doesn't seem to warm to extravagance or decadence, but instead seems to enjoy simpler things in life. She doesn't appear to hold any spec of malevolence inside her, and is instead appears to be innocent, concerned, and caring, though she is highly doubtful of herself and her capabilities. She tends to think things through before acting on an important decision, wresting with doubts and fears along the way. While she may not completely understand why her family died or the current state of Vekaiyu or Listonia, Leina at least knows that she has a duty to change her nation for the better. Such duty was no doubt encouraged when she realized the corruption and favoritism among her family upon returning to Vekaiyu.

Leina enjoys swimming. She is also an avid snorkeler, and seems to connect with the water well. Trained in basic fighting techniques, she is skilled at Vekaiyun and Warreic fighting arts, and seems to enjoy them both. She is an average student in her school in Warre, and appears to concentrate on history.

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