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Ikrisia Levinile as the Kral Commodore.

The Kral Commodore of Vekaiyu is one of two main commanders in the Vekaiyun Armed Forces. The Kral Commodore is charged with all offensive manuvers outside of the Vekaiyun state. They, along with the Ler Commodore, share ultimate authority over the Vekaiyun Armed Forces. Below the Kral Commodore are commanders who are in charge of each "theater": navy (Iskovi Commodore), air force (Ayeskru Commodore), marines (Ikyoski Commodore), infantry (Yeles Commodore), and armored corps (Reyelk Commodore). These officers aid both the Kral Commodore and Ler Commodore with feasibility issues and coordination.

The Kral Commodore position is an ancient one, and has been in place since the end of The Time of Troubles. Notable Kral Commodores include:

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