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Max Venavle (1965-2004) is the former dictator of Vekaiyu, who reigned from 1982 to 2004. Rising to power early in his life, he ruthlessly seized the position of dictator and disposed of the monarchy. He established himself as the scourge of The East Pacific realm for over one decade. His death, while abrupt and gruesome, gave hope to a war torn and battle-scarred Vekaiyu.

Early Life

Max was born in Eldura, Vekaiyu in 1965 to the Venavle family, a once-wealthy family lineage heavily reliant in the textile industry. His parents, Vinsent and Maria Venavle, were hard-nosed individuals who believed in strong work and dedication and therefore had very little time for Max in his early childhood. A farming accident rendered Max's left eye into a swollen slit when he was five years old, a malady which would significantly alter his life in later years. When his mother died a few days following his sixth birthday from a combination of cancer and Yellow Plague, his outlook on life changed completely. He suddenly became a very reserved individual, detesting his father, who coped with the pain by drinking, as Max believed he did not do nearly enough to protect her. He equally grew to both distrust and hate the current governmental system, which was slow to respond to his mother's illness.

At age eight, his father became unable to care for him, and he was sent away to an all boys academy in Eldura. He was kept under the watchful eyes of Ninya McLenilo, an older vixen who had the roughly the same qualities as his mother. School was difficult for Max, who often acted out, bullied other kits along with his circle of friends, and consistently disobeyed his instructors, gladly rebelling and arguing any form of punishment bestowed onto him. He was continually rescued by his caretaker, who would keep the kit in school by siphoning money from the Venavle estate into the academy.

Overall, he was a poor student who excelled in one area - military tactics. Vekaiyu in Max's childhood had neglected its military prowess, often keeping equipment that was once formidable a generation ago, but now was obsolete. Max understood this, but was determined to enter into a field he was good at. He applied to five military academies when he was fifteen years old, and was rejected by all but one - Nolesu Military Academy in Lira. There he polished his skills and increased his wits, rising high in a military system that was in dire need of a strong leader.

Rise to Power

Fueled mainly by anger and an overall hatred of the incompetent monarchy, Max quickly rose in his training to obtain the rank of Koli by age seventeen in an admittedly aging and obsolete military program. Many of the aging generals within the Vekaiyun ranks were surprised at the young fox's ability to derive and order about his men, especially when it came to them following orders and listening to his often radical but effective tactics. He was promoted to Solike General roughly nine months later, when his men had successfully attacked a Dverian outpost despite heavy odds against them.

As Max rose to the rank of general, he became more open in his views on Vekaiyu. He called the nation "weak" and the royal family "weaker." He often pointed out the inadequacies of the nation, specifically citing they were vulnerable to attack and "rotting from within". This caused the reigning monarch, Erasu IV, to become very disgruntled at the young vulpine, and attempted to have him tried on counts of treason. Handcuffed by a divided Ulese (the then congress of Vekaiyu), very little was done to silence him.

Generals loyal to the king suddenly began to side with the young vulpine, who had now dyed his fur a shade of gray and held rallies in large cities across Vekaiyu. When he was arrested for a third time in Eldura on accounts for enticing a riot, Sipavu Commodores Irveso McLanse and Yency Relov demanded his release, citing his popularity among the people. When the king refused to release Max, over half the commodores in the Vekaiyun Armed Forces broke off from their command, freed the young general, and attempted to raise a coup in the nation.

A civil war, lasting just three weeks, soon followed in 1988. The king's army, completely overwhelmed at the determination of Max, his tactics, his followers, and his generals (now known as Commodores). The quickness of Max exposed the outdated tactics of the Vekaiyun Armed Forces, and his growing popularity only magnified this, as the will and notion of the people were now firmly behind him and his promises of greatness.

With Max's reign all but assured, the royal family attempted to flee but were stopped outside of Iriku on a train bound for Sinliesa. All but the queen and a cousin of the royal family was captured and executed in a mass-hanging orchestrated by Max outside of the Main Square in Eldura (the queen and cousin would be killed years later when they stepped foot back into the country). Prior to their hanging, Max delivered a speech to an enthusiastic crowd, citing their reign of inadequacy was over, and "The shackles of burden have finally been removed from the arms of the people." It is unclear where the bodies of the royal family were buried, even to this day. In the evening, Max was proclaimed Dictator of Vekaiyu, a position he would enjoy until his death.

Max During His Reign


The first thing Max Venavle did was remove the current government structure. He would control the entire government legislation, declare war as he saw fit, and promote judges who would blindly enforce his often paranoid doctrines. Second only to the size of Vekaiyu's new military was an all-pervasive police force which combed the nation for any suspicious activity against the new leader. Hundreds of thousands of arrests were made within the first month of his term alone, and his utter distrust toward the people proved costly as his term progressed. Towards the twilight of his reign, this police force would become less and less effective as corruption and differing opinions inundated its ranks. Rumors of mass extermination camps still are whispered within the alleyways of the Vekaiyun nation to this day.

Max imposed capitalism into Vekaiyu, which was initially met with great success. However, as his reign lingered, the economy of Vekaiyu began to sour, and a full-blown recession occurred in 1997 despite still being stimulated by wartime manufacturing boost. Furthermore, the switch to capitalism proved to be an uncomfortable shift for the people. To them, market socialism was created in Vekaiyu, and should remain a Vekaiyun tradition.

Armed Forces

Vekaiyun armed forces enjoyed astronomical advances in technology, tactics, able leadership, and overall efficiency during Max's tenure as dictator. A skilled general, he used Vekaiyu's new strength as a vehicle to display vulpine dominance and add to his prestige. Overall, the nation participated in approximately forty-five separate campaigns, winning forty-one of those contests and expanding its influence abroad while occupying some nations.

Max formed a personal union with other rogue states. Under this union an amazing might of military force was conglomerated into one. The union, formed in 1991 and lasting roughly ten years, was at one time the among the largest offensive forces in the world.

Vekaiyu quickly rose to a formidable force in terms of offensive firepower, increasing the size of its army tenfold. Nuclear weapons were developed from uranium ore mines seized in northern Packilvania. The Vekaiyun Navy, formerly in shambles, dominated the seas and surrounding areas near new colonies. A space program was developed, and the first of seven battle cruisers (now used for exploration purposes) were commissioned, in which they fought and one a sum total of just one battle.

Socially, it was considered an honor to be accepted into the armed forces. Propaganda was rampant during Max's reign, and the armed forces were not an exception, often broadcasting how much of a privilege and honor it was to both race and country to fight. While higher education remained prime, those who could not afford it, or could not qualify for it, found respectable work in the armed forces.

Project Uveshk

Unknown to the public, Max Venavle had a dream to create a race of superior vulpine sentient species. It was already well known vulpines had strong traits of agility and large cranial capacities to house a larger and more capable brain, but in terms of physical brawn, the common vulpine was weak. He believed this could be improved, along with other traits, to create the next evolutionary step.

He felt the children were personally like his own, despite rarely seeing them. He invested great interest in how they were doing, what they were doing, and often added or subtracted to procedures done on them to fit his desires. When they became of age, he promoted a few to ranks within the Vekaiyun army. One such vulpine, Todd Leyuski rose to Kral Commodore, the highest position of rank in Vekaiyu. His fallacy in promoting Todd to such a high rank would prove his eventual demise as far as control over army movements were concerned. Leyuski conveniently blocked him from his own forces, effectively putting himself in charge and forcing Max into a back seat role. The vulpine dictator couldn't object - he taught him that way.

Personal Life

Details about Max's social life and past life were kept as secret from the public as much as possible. Despite his appearance and sociopath style of thought, he attracted many women and was well-known for his promiscuity, heeding little regard to the Vayan Catholic Church. He often would cancel appointments for dates, meetings for moments, and business for pleasure. It is believed his strong connections with his mother and his female caretaker created a necessity to be around women, specifically women older than he was, especially when it came to difficult moments in his life.

His rampant paranoia and occasional fits of rage caused him to lose many close companions during his reign. Alone and unapproachable, he soon spiraled down to the belief that he was the only one fit to rule the nation, often adopting unusual habits, such as drinking human blood and growing obsessive compulsive when it came to cleanliness. Overall, by the time of his death, he was nothing less of a madman hellbent on security and power.


Max Venavle recently had a fling for the young Ler Commodore Selvala McEva, a vulpine female he promoted due to his affection for her. During a banquet, he invited her to his quarters and attempted to overpower her. She repelled and stabbed him with a long hairpin removed from her hair. As he writhed in agony, she took a dull pair of shears and cut his head off while he was still breathing. She then took the two hairpins, stabbed them into his eyes, and held the head up, letting the blood drip from his neck. His butler eventually found her with the disembodied head minutes later.

While the trial never really gained a strong foothold, the vixen was pardoned for her actions by The Bishop of Eldura and resumed her leadership over the nation, restoring market socialism in it once again.


With Vekaiyu restored to a more peaceful socialist nation, the eyes of the world remain watchful over the still powerful nation. While it is unclear how strong their military power is, great unrest was felt in surrounding The East Pacific nations for some time. Those loyal to Max and his policies - the Maxists - still attempted to control the nation. It was revealed even Selvala herself was a Maxist sympathizer. It was this clash of Maxists vs Loyalists which led to the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War, a war which decided once and for all the fate of Maxism in Vekaiyu. Today, such practices are outlawed by Ikrisia Levinile, a former Project Uveshk member.

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