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The armed forces in Vekaiyu have a unique way of organizing its numbers. This system underwent much updating under former Vekaiyun dictator Max Venavle, but also was changed under former Kral Commodores Todd Leyuski and Ikrisia Levinile. Consequently, what exists today is a highly organized system designed to quickly move orders to the common soldier.

The Vekaiyun Armed Forces is headed by two commdores: the Kral Commodore, which is in charge of the nations' offensive maneuvers, and the Ler Commodore, which is ranked slightly lower than the Kral Commodore and is in charge of the nation's defensive maneuvers. They are generally answerable to no one, except for the occasional interference of the Premier of Vekaiyu.

Ground Forces

Vekaiyu tends to divide its forces up into infantry divisions and armored corp divisions. The naming is deceptive, however: infantry divisions do contain tanks and other heavier weaponry, but armored corps are what pack the most punch.

In an infantry division, the highest-ranked personnel is the Sipavu Commodore. Below him or her is three to eleven Hejul Generals, the number per division dependent upon the size of a division. Each Hejul General is allotted 5,000 soldiers, divided further by five Solike Generals, each in charge of 1,000 soldiers. Below them are a number of officers used to further organize the numbers.

Armored corp divisions are slightly more complex, but based on the same standards. Each division is headed by a Vil Commodore, followed by three to eleven Ikole Generals who are backed up by five Nire Generals. Within each armored corp division is an Ikovu Commodore, who is ranked between the Vil Commodore and Ikole General and is in charge of any WMD or biological warheads located within the division. Not every armored corp division contains an Ikovu Commodore.


Vekaiyu has an extensive array of uniforms for different purposes. From thin armored uniforms that are worn by military officers in combat to dress uniforms, the nation takes pride in its soldiers. Below is a very small sampling.

Dress Uniforms: Dress uniforms are worn officers in Vekaiyu when not in combat, save for the Kral and Ler Commodores. The first three uniforms are worn by officers (that is, those ranking higher than a common soldier), while the fourth is worn by soldiers and is available in the three colors of the officer dress uniforms. The officer dress uniform has a patch over the left shoulder, called a Yskavirge, and is where an officer's symbolic ranking. Boards used to display ribbons bestowed for service to various conflicts may or may not be worn. These dress uniforms have one common color - black - and three colors unique to their branch: red for ground forces, blue for sea forces, and gold for air forces. They are known for being comfortable but tight fitting.

Unisex dress uniform, ground forces
Unisex dress uniform, sea forces
Unisex dress uniform, air forces
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