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The Vekaiyun Peoples' Hall
Legislature of Vekaiyu
Founded February 18th, 2010
Type Bicameral
Meeting Location Vekaiyun Peoples' Hall
Upper Chamber Ileskari
87 representatives
Lower Chamber Ropke
431 representatives
Last Elections February 19th, 2010

The Kivreskov is the legislative body of Vekaiyu. It includes two chambers: the upper chamber, named Ileskari, and the lower chamber, named Ropke. The Ileskari includes three representative for the 29 Vekaiyun provinces. The Ropke includes representatives based on population ratios of the provinces, adjusted every 10 years after a census is conducted. The Kivreskov was created by Ikrisia Levinile to balance out the overbearing powers of the Premier of Vekaiyu.

The Kivreskov convenes in the Vekaiyun Peoples' Hall, located in Eldura.

Duties of the Kivreskov

The Kivreskov is charged with specific duties, including:

  • Draft and vote on laws to improve the efficiency of the government and overall Vekaiyun society
  • Regulate foreign and provincial trade working in tow with the Vekaiyun Trade Officers
  • Regulate commercial licenses to control free market impact
  • Promoting cohesion between Vekaiyun provinces and ensuring no province is treated unfairly
  • Officially declare war on a nation and approve of major troop movements
  • To define penalties, felonies, and other illegal acts within Vekaiyun society
  • Coin and borrow money

Political Parties

The Kivreskov is populated by several political parties, including:

  • Communist Party: to ensure equality among the classes and complete removal of private ownership.
  • Democratic Party: to hold elections for all positions of office, including that of the premier and to push for more freedoms of the individual.
  • Equality Party: to give more rights to provinces and decrease the authority of the Vekaiyun state over individual provinces.
  • Meritocratic Party: to transform the Vekaiyun state into a state of enlightenment and ensure all positions are distributed on qualifications of the individual only.
  • Progressive Party: to continue the reformations established by Ikrisia Levinile, improve Vekaiyun arts and sciences, and improve Vekaiyu's image on an international level.
  • Conservative Party: an off-shoot of the Progressive Party which has similar goals but stresses the importance of Vekaiyun culture and more separation between Vekaiyu and The Vekaiyun Union.

To date, the Progressive Party has dominated the Kivreskov, but elections in 2016 has reduced their influence. Premier Ikrisia Levinile has chosen not to affiliate with a political party, but the Progressive Party has historically aligned itself to her policies.

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