PL-102 Battlesuit

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The PL-102 Battlesuit, worn by Ikrisia Levinile.

The PL-102 Battlesuit was a second generation Vekaiyun combat outfit worn by select members in the Vekaiyun Armed Forces during the reign of Max Venavle. This suit was designed for protection from nuclear, biologicial, and chemical (NBC) weapons, due in part to Vekaiyu's preference for chemical weapons at the time. The helmet featured infrared vision that could be switched on by the user in order to detect heat through walls, detect movement at night, and so on. Respirators in the helmet could be used to enter deadly areas where air quality was toxic. Users could opt for a special anisotropic polymeric "hair" that could be used to deflect projectiles.

Despite these advancements, the suits were not without fault. They lacked proper ventilation and were uncomfortable to wear. Updates to the helmet included antifogging lenses, but the coating was known to easily scratch off over time. In addition, the suit was considered too expensive for infantry use, and was therefore relegated to only certain individuals.

Cost-saving measures and advances in technology have provided the Vekaiyun Armed Forces with NBC-protective suits over time, used sparingly over several campaigns, and similar in style to the predecessor - the PL-102 Battlesuit. A project kicked off by Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile established several troop distinctions capable of dealing with harsh environments.

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