Vekaiyu Under Selvala McEva

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Selvala McEva was a young commodore in Max's army in 2002. A simple vixen, she grew up in the bowels of a decrepit orphanage until she was thirteen, when she was forced to enlist into the armed forces for a more promising future. Her maturity and wit on the battlefield propelled her to the rank of commodore three years later. It was also rumored her promotions were partly due to Max's affection with her. She did not share his advances, despite being promoted once more to that of Ler Commodore. One night, after a banquet celebrating the arrival of the spring season, it is said that Max attempted to overpower her in his quarters, but she repelled. Angered, he slapped her, to which she removed a long hairpin from her hair and stabbed him with it. When Max's butler arrived later, he found the young vixen had cut his head clean off with a pair of dull shears and stabbed his eyes out. With her arms soaked in blood, she raised the bloody head and said, "Blood does not drain from this head anymore."

She stood trial for her acts, but the jurors were all poisoned, leading some to suspect it was her own doing. Others suspected it was another one of Max's enemies, which later became the accepted belief. Still, a mistrial was declared and, with the notion of Max and his reign of terror over, she was officially pardoned for her assault by the presiding Bishop of Eldura. Despite the promise of allowing elections to take effect within the nation, she has remained at the head of state since the death of Max. Her presence is welcomed, however, as she recalled troops from abroad and ceased all territorial expansion, even scheduling some territories to be returned to the occupied people within the colony. She also handled the inevitable depression gracefully and created tens of thousands of new jobs and government sponsored programs to keep citizens working. She is also an advocate for the advancement of Vekaiyun technology.

A devout socialist, she restored some of the policies implemented prior to Max's rise to power, but altered others. As one foreign diplomat described it, her idea of government is "socialism with loose walls and a few doors." Criticism lies in her apparent specist attitude and her reluctance to establish a legislative body. Her temper and grip on governmental control has led many to speculate she is a Maxist in disguise.

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