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Flag of the Vekaiyun Progressive Party (2012-).

The Vekaiyun Progressive Party is a political party in Vekaiyu that has dominated the political landscape since the legalization of political parties after the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War. The party won 287 seats in the Ropke and 60 seats in the Ileskari, and holds majority in both chambers of the Kivreskov.

The party has roots dating back to 1992, when a group calling themselves "Loyalists" wanted to return the Vekaiyun Monarchy to the throne and remove Max Venavle from power. The group grew and changed through the remainder of Max's reign, and rapidly increased in size when Selvala McEva was put into power after Max's death. By 2008, Loyalists appeared to outnumber Maxists in numbers, and the remainder of McEva's term was asserting herself against any opposition, which only served to increase their numbers further. Kral Commodore Ikrisia Levinile was quickly picked out by the group as a potential candidate to overthrow McEva, but before any plan could be set into motion, McEva was arrested in Allegheny for the attempted murder of Stapen Evesuni. The situation in Vekaiyu decompensated, and a bloody civil war followed. By war's end, the Loyalists won. The restoration of the Vekaiyun Monarchy was no longer a goal of theirs; instead, they built support around Levinile. While she refused to side with any political party, it is true the newly-named Vekaiyun Progressive Party most readily identifies with her policies.

The Vekaiyun Progressive Party has enjoyed majority in both chambers of the Kivreskov, but that may be threatened by their newest rivals, the Vekaiyun Conservative Party.


Former flag of the Vekaiyun Progressive Party (2010-2012).

The Vekaiyun Progressive Party has many goals, but some of the more important ones are as follows:

  • Private property and private businesses must remain - Private ownership should be easier, not harder, to obtain. Filing for a commercial license, or the ability to own a business, should be "as easy as giving a handshake to the government", as the First Speaker of the Ropke indicated.
  • Strong, capable military - Vekaiyu will need to readily defend itself or come to the aid of others.
  • Bilingual and sensitive to other cultures - English must be taught in all schools in addition to Unonian. Vekaiyu must not think of itself as dominant or always right; rather, it must better interact with the world around it.
  • Preservation of the Vekaiyun Culture - However, Vekaiyun History and culture is more important and should not be hindered for the sake of cultural education.
  • Vekaiyization - Hostile surrounding territories should be neutralized. This is best accomplished by non-supression of occupied cultures and establishment of Vekaiyun ideals in their land (such a practice has begun in South Dveria and to an extent Listonia.
  • Leader in trade being in the center of Yasteria, Vekaiyu can and should be a world leader in trade. Trade should be done with fairness, but preference to Vekaiyun goods should be given.
  • Strong support for technology in Education - Technology and education are extremely important to Vekaiyun culture, art, achievement, and preservation.

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