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Ivalsa McNusehy, was a former member of Project Uveshk, a covert program initiated by Max Venavle in a feasibility study focused on creating super-soldiers for Vekaiyu. Smaller and younger than most of the project members, she was among the first to attempt the secret objective of the project - become an inter-dimensional being. She failed, however, and to keep her and her newfound powers at bay, she was separated into at least two individuals: one individual that represented her happiness, another which represented her anger. It is unclear if one or both sides were corrupted or were simply manifestations of what once was Ivalsa. According to Todd Leyuski, the "happy" side of Ivalsa was her true form, but was very sick and had become corrupted, while the "angry" side was "The Demon Beluz", the same creature that empowered Max.

She was admitted into Shiro Academy and immediately sought out former project member, Ikrisia Levinile. She had hoped to convince her to unite herself once again in order to rule the world and change the past as well as the future. When Ikrisia clearly wanted nothing to do with her, she tricked several students to reunite her body into one, which she could not do on her own. She transported the group to St. Iives Asylum (using the vast power she still had) and presented one of the members with a photograph. After they followed the process, her body was united into one, and her once insane self was now relatively clear and articulate.

Once she was united, she set about destroying Ikrisia, who had rejected her earlier. When she found out that Todd Leyuski was also visiting Shiro, she couldn't resist and set after destroying both. A great battle ensued between the three vulpines, which resulted in the death of Ivalsa, but also the death of Todd, who would later return as an inter-dimensional being himself before being mercy-killed by Levinile.

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