2012 Listonian War

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The 2012 Listonian War was the result of a series of tense standoffs between Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile and Listonian dictator Stapen Evesuni. After Listonia sent missiles over the border into Vekaiyu, Vekaiyu responded by advancing into Listonian territory. Ye'leli was secured in roughly two weeks after the first Vekaiyun advancement. At the end of the war, it was determined that Evesuni had been couped some nine months earlier by Sakeyuz and a body double. In addition, Vekaiyu installed Lso Yiskevi as a Cadipremier to be shared with the true Evesuni. The war resulted in Vekaiyu increasing its influence in the Listonian state.

Prelude to Battle

On the evening of June 22nd, 2011, Sakeyuz leaders, working in tow with Stapen Evesuni's most trusted advisor, Leon Soleki, set into motion a plan to removed the dictator from power and install a body double in his place. The initial plan was to kill Evesuni, but Leon could not bring himself to do it and instead dyed Evesuni's fur and replaced him with a criminal named Yivkol Iglovelinisi. Ironically, Evesuni was placed in the Stapen Evesuni Maximum Security Correctional Facility to serve a life sentence.

Immediately, Sakeyuz set to work implementing their own policies. The military was expanded, public opinion against the government was severely restricted, foreign relations were severed, and the media was quickly seized by the state. Conscription was announced, forcing much of the working population into military service. Consequently, the Listonian economy crumbled. The possibility of famine grew as the state failed to supply a large enough workforce. Rumors of concentration camps among other atrocities were published in The Skendia Accords, shedding light on the behavior of the now secretive state. To make matters worse, Provincial Overseer of Skendia Yemasho Ilyaskuru died and was replaced with Levo Ismalestre, who vocally supported a war with Listonia.

The War

On January 24th, 2012, the nation of Listonia attacked Vekaiyu when it sent missiles into the province of Skendia. When both missiles entered the Skendia Metropolitan Defense Zone, both were obliterated by defense towers. On the same day, the Evesuni body double was shot and killed, with the passwords to his accounts all changed. This crippled the Sakeyuz command structure, who did not order a strike on Vekaiyu, and could no longer use the Evesuni accounts to communicate with the officers of the Listonian military. Almost overnight the entire nation was sent into disarray. The 'deeply furious' Premier Levinile was quick to respond, backing up previous interviews and speeches where she promised a more aggressive approach to nations that directly engage in confrontation with the home nation. One day later commenced a calculated assault from Vekaiyu into Listonia was launched to quickly and systematically neutralize the increasingly hostile state.

Vekaiyun armored divisions faced little resistance as they drove through Listonia, which could not organize a formidable defense. Indeed, the nation's military comprised of mostly outdated Vekaiyun technology and vehicles, and most armored groups were positioned in east Listonia for the pending invasion of Elphana. Perhaps the most successful of assaults were the cerebral drives of the storied 42nd infantry division and the 40th armored corps, which in ten days gained control of Evesunigrad. The city was heavily fortified, but was important due to the large highway connecting it with the capital. Three days later, the two divisions spearheaded an attack towards Ye'leli to capture the Listonian capital. Other major cities fell soon after, especially when the upper echelons of Listonian military command collapsed after the capture of the Listonian capital.


It's a little creepy. It's a story that had betrayal, body doubles, impersonations, and prison sentences. [The events] had more twists than a thriller made in Iliesla


Kral Commodore Yamano Nevikalu, on the revelations of Listonia's internal stuggles

When Lso Yiskevi and his armored units reached the capital, they found the Evesuni body double dead with a gunshot wound to the head. However, a report filed by V3 News Services on May 25, 2012 revealed that the head did not match up with Evesuni's dental records. Furthermore, his tattoo around his right eye had length inconsistencies. Suspicions were confirmed on Jun 2 2012, when autopsy reports indicated the body had two lungs, when it was already well-known Evesuni was operating with one lung after years of chain smoking.

A manhunt ensued as the Vekaiyun Armed Forces continued to remove any pockets of resistance in the coming months. The true Stapen Evesuni surfaced on September 1st, 2012 after spending time as a farm hand near Relusi in eastern Listonia. Evesuni's time in prison was revealed, and his story and identification matched. The question for foreign entities invested in Listonia quickly became what to do with the former dictator. His popularity in Listonia appeared to grow prior to his removal, especially when details of his journey from prison to living off the land to humbling himself as a farmer surfaced.

Levinile and other Vekaiyuns knew they simply couldn't remove the dictator - doing so would be unpopular and add to the frustration in Listonia. Against international pressure, Levinile decided to recognize Evesuni and Yiskevi both as the Premiers of Vekaiyu. The position, called "Cadipremier", would remain in effect for nearly two years.

Lasting Consequences

The events in Listonia proved to Levinile that the state was too volatile to simply be left to its devices. Consequently, a Vekaiyun military presence is ongoing, even as the conflict nears its third year anniversary. The Useli, now laden with Vekaiyun supporters, maintain strong connections to their western neighbors.

But improvements have been made. Confidence in Listonia's economy and government grew, especailly when the state agreed to fight with Vekaiyuns and other nations to remove the Dverian threat. With Dveria occupied, and Sevropia no longer having the stomach for war, Listonia has been able to dial back its military spending and devote more effort toward infrastructure. Vekaiyun industries and industries from other Kerilo Accord signatories have moved in, taking advantage of lower taxes and cheap labor force.

On September 22nd, 2014, Premier Levinile announced the creation of The Vekaiyun Union, which formally recognized a military and trade alliance between the two states. The headquarters of such a union was chosen to be Ye'leli due to its juxtaposition with several other pro-Vekaiyun states. Lso Yiskevi was promoted to General Secretary of The Vekaiyun Union, rendering Stapen Evesuni as the Premier of Listonia.

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