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Vekaiyu prides itself in its technological, and sometimes bizarre, uniforms. Due the the unusual and often smaller structures of the vulpine people, as well as their religious practices, uniforms are slightly different than normal human-based nations. Below are some examples, as well as explanations for each.

Olympic Uniforms

Swimming / Diving

  • Vekaiyun Speed Swimsuits: both the male and female variant are comprised of a thin layer of Vekaiyun-made neoprene, which has been tested to significantly reduce drag on the vulpine body. These suits are form-fitting and feature material that surrounds the neck to eliminate any drag a conventional swimsuit would produce. Both suits variants are red and black, and feature "Vekaiyu!" written in Unonian on the chest. Zippers are on the backs of both suit types. The suits are without any tail holes, as swimmers are expected to have their tails cut off to reduce on drag. These suits are heavily based on previous swimming competitions and underwater hockey leagues based in Vekaiyu. They have proven quite effective, and have aided Vekaiyun swimmers in obtaining a trove of medals.
  • Vekaiyun Swimsuits: these basic swimsuits are more geared toward the common type of suit expected for human athletes. These suits are much more artistic, with various colors of red and black, and feature "Vekaiyu!" written in Unonian in various locations on each garment type. For example, "Vekaiyu!" is written on the hip and rear of the female type. It should be noted that these suits are used for various competitions, especially the female variant. This is due mainly in part with Vekaiyun tradition mixed with the customs of the Vayan Catholic definition of "decency", which essentially makes two-pieces and two-piece variants unrepresentative of Vekaiyu. The male swimsuit switched to a more refined look.

Water Polo

  • Vekaiyun Female Water Polo Uniform: The past water polo swimsuit proved problematic, as the material would quickly wear out over the course of a few matches. To ameliorate this, Vekaiyun engineers refined a fabric commonly used for underwater hockey teams in Vekaiyu, which keeps much longer yet is still slick to the touch. The design now features a red and yellow look, with a gold stripe highlighting the front of the suit along with the nation's TLD, hinting at expectations for what has proven to be a strong women's team. A ring is placed in the background, along with the Vekaiyun Star and a jaku branch.
  • Vekaiyun Male Water Polo Uniform: This is the same suit used for diving. Again, the material is rugged but slick to the touch, making it difficult for opponents to keep Vekaiyuns from the ball.


  • Male Tracksuit / Sport Uniform: The male athletic suits underwent a major revision following the Seventh Summer Games. Engineers and designers alike came together to create what they believed to be the optimum garment for events considered. "By monitoring these athletes and observing their behavior as they compete routines, we're able to come up with a design that not only gives the athlete much freedom of movement, it makes that movement better," mechanical engineer-turned biologist Dr. Yamano Alveskro explained in an interview leading up to the Eighth Summer Games. Male suits are designed with sleekness in mind: cutting down the wind resistance while at the same time keeping Vekaiyun athletes cool.
  • Female Tracksuit / Sport Uniform: Much like the male counterparts, the female suits underwent major changes at the same time. Unlike the male suits, however, the female suits had a greater attention to the dynamics of the body. Analyses over how athletes move their bodies in relation to the sport they are playing revealed common "dynamic areas" (stretch fabric) and "static areas" (bar tack reinforced areas; that is, the white lines). For each suit, which is used for different sports, care is used in determining these spots. An Unonian "V" adorns the top left of each garment. Athletes may wear shorts over their suits if they wish, though athletes are warned that with this type of suit it may detrementally affect the overall performance.
  • Male Cyclist Uniform: This outfit is among the most bizarre. They were designed by Kuleki Sporting Equipment based in Caviru. The designers claim these uniforms are optimal for cycling.
  • Archer Uniforms: These uniforms are designed with comfort in mind. Loose-fitting, they allow the archer to shoot without impediment. The uniform with the skirt is designed for females.


  • Gymnastics Uniforms: The female variant is metallic-like in texture and looks and is tight fitting. To celebrate the many medals the nation has won in this discipline, the uniforms underwent a major design change in 2013 and feature a rich display of Vekaiyun colors arrayed in a tasteful manner. Males may choose two different types of uniforms according to the event or their preference. Their uniforms are among the most plain uniforms in the Vekaiyun arsenal, let alone the international spectrum. Indeed, male athletes were given a chance to update their uniforms, but rejected the opportunity, believing that the black uniforms have developed a solid rapport among competitors and signify a medal-worthy performance is on hand.

Team Sports

  • Basketball Uniforms: These basketball uniforms are based on the uniforms worn by the East Side in the Vekaiyun Baskeball League All-Star Game. While humans tend to populate the league, the team at the Fifth Summer Olympics is an all-vulpine team, so smaller uniforms were made for the occasion.
  • Handball Uniforms: The uniform's color patterns were chosen through a middle school competition. The winning design was approved by Selvala McEva, the then-Premier of Vekaiyu, and features red, white, and black colors, with a white "Vekaiyu!" script across the chest. Female uniforms are nearly identical to the male variant.
  • Soccer Uniforms: The uniform's color patterns were chosen through a high school competition. The winning design was approved by Selvala McEva and have survived the regime change to Ikrisia Levinile, possibly due to the women's silver medal in the 2010 inaugural competition. They feature the Vekaiyun national colors - red, black, white, and olive. Written across the chest of the uniform is "Vekaiyu!" in Unonian. Female uniforms are nearly identical to the male variant.

Past Uniforms

As Vekaiyun engineers and designers make improvements to the Vekaiyun Olympic Team's wardrobe, some uniforms are retired for good. Below is a selection of retired uniforms, along with their dates of service.

Sale of Uniforms

Vekaiyu has been in contact with some nations for the sale of their athletic uniforms, especially the female and male speed swimsuits. The performance of the Vekaiyun team in swimming events in the 2010 Summer Games (second) and the talent of the athletes who use them domestically have no doubt caught the attention of other nations who are looking in to improving their swimmers' times. To date, however, they have slowly moved away from sales and instead keep their technology a closely-guarded secret.

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