Yasterian Highway System

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The Yasterian Highway System, color-coded with designated highway numbers.

The Yasterian Highway System is a series of multilane, multitransport byways created by Vekaiyu, then The Vekaiyun Union, in order to establish greater commerce between nations of Yasteria. The highway system was envisioned by Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile, who announced the construction of a highway system that would connect Allegheny, Vekaiyu, and Listonia. This system was expanded to include South Dveria, Isklevyu, and later Savenchorbund (scheduled to be complete by the summer of 2016). Upgrades to the highway system are scheduled for 2017.

Each highway system allow for transport of automobiles. Railways follow the highway systems for increased industrial transport. Security, provided by The Vekaiyun Union, remains guarded in order to watch for suspicious activities. Potential upgrades, including bullet rails, are being discussed but realistically would not be in place until 2020.

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