Lso Yiskevi

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Lso Yiskevi
General Secretary of
The Vekaiyun Union
Title General Secretary of The Vekaiyun Union
Assumed Office November 21st, 2014
Preceded by none

PreviousTitle Cadipremier of Listonia
Assumed Office April 28th, 2012
to November 21st, 2014
Preceded by none

Gender male
Race Vulpine
Born May 5th, 1984
Place of Birth Provinsk, Vekaiyu
Age 30
Eye Color Brown
Height (feet) 5'7"
Weight (pounds) 135 lbs
Religion Vayan Catholicism
Languages Unonian, English

Lso Yiskevi is the General Secretary of The Vekaiyun Union. Formally, he was one of two Cadipremiers of Listonia, shared with Stapen Evesuni. Articulate and well-educated, he is perhaps the polar opposite of his rival. While they should work together, the two want nothing to do with each other. Yiskevi distanced himself from Evesuni from the start, using his charisma and way with words as a means to reach the Listonian people.

While still a patent lawyer in the fragmented Listonia government, he was recruited by Ikrisia Levinile, who invited him to Eldura for a meeting. Upon arriving, he learned that the Vekaiyun Premier planned to invade the increasingly-hostile Listonian state, and that she was looking for a man to install as a leader there. Lso jumped on the opportunity, and set to work on a short treatise explaining why Listonians are Vekaiyuns and that they should be proud of their origins. The treatise, "East Vekaiyuns and the Delusion of Listonian Identity" was heavily distributed in Listonia prior to the Vekaiyun invasion. When Listonia fired on Vekaiyun border cities, Vekaiyu invaded. Once they reached the capital, Ye'leli, Lso was dropped in, where he killed what he thought was Stapen Evesuni and gave a powerful oration to the beleaguered Listonian populace over raido. It was later revealed that the man he killed was Evesuni's body double, and the real Evesuni had been couped. He escaped from prison during the invasion, and was ready to thwart Lso's bid for Listonian leadership. After a series of meetings, a compromise was made: the two were to share the post by dividing responsibilities.

Lso and Stapen have a deep distrust for each other, though Lso is often more naive than Evesuni and at times underestimates his determination. Since Evesuni is nowhere near as polished as he is, he often mistakes his shaky language skills as a lack of intelligence. This does not mean he believes Evesuni to be inept, however. Lso is confident, perhaps over confident, in his abilities, but even his pride has not blinded him from the threat Stapen Evesuni poses.

The confusion between the shared job title and establishment of The Vekaiyun Union led the Premier of Vekaiyu, Ikrisia Levinile, to offer Lso a job as the General Secretary for the new union. Lso articulated a conditional acceptance, one which was accepted when Ikrisia annexed lands south of Listonia.

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