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Flag of Isklevyu

Motto: Ismeligila Nes Lemori
Our Culture is Undying
Anthem: N/A
Location Isklevyu Political Map
Area 1,658,550 km2
% Water
Population 44,910,000 (2014 EST)
Density 27/km2
Capital Remestrovi
Type Republic
Premier N/A
Legislature N/A
Official Languages Unonian, English
Currency Veskono (℣) (VSK)
Economic Structure Market Socialism
GDP (2014) $1,011 Billion
•  Per capita
Unemployment 14.1%
Gini 24.1
Life expectancy 64.1 years
Improved water access 89%
Literacy 85.6%
Enrollment N/A
•  Primary
•  Secondary
•  Tertiary
PDAS rating N/A
Measures Metric
Date format day-month-year
Traffic Right-hand
ISO code ISK
Calling code +92

Isklevyu is a nation in The East Pacific that was formed after annexation by The Vekaiyun Union. On November 21st, 2014, the Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile announced that the state was annexed in order to unite Unonian-speaking regions and to provide benefits found within The Vekaiyun Union to the people of Isklevyu. The General Secretary of The Vekaiyun Union, Lso Yiskevi, further outlined these provisions, which included military protection and aid to the new state.

Kral Commodore Yamano Nevikalu was charged with securing the state, which would eventually be led by divisions from Listonia as they were closer to the state, more aware of the terrain, and were not as experienced or advanced as the Vekaiyun counterparts who were busy in South Dveria or monitoring deteriorating relations with nearby Packilvania. It was eventually approved by the Premier to allow for refugees from Allegheny fleeing into Vekaiyu to be moved to the new state.

The capital of the nation, Yulivuli, was re-named to Remestrovi on New Year's Day 2015. This capital was then proposed to be the starting point of Yasteria 1, a major highway system that would in theory dominate trade across the continent of Yasteria and surrounding regions. As the nation became secured, Vekaiyu asked nations of the Council of Nations to accept this annexation into the Vekaiyun Union while at the same time condemning Packilvania for their annexation of Allegheny. The vote is on-going.

The Vekaiyun Union
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