The Plot to Kill Vanse Iskaristre

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The plot to kill Vanse Iskaristre was a secret operation carried out by select high-ranking officers of the Vekaiyun Armed Forces. Their goal was to remove Vil Commodore Vanse Iskaristre, citing his ineptitude, inability to lead his his men, and increasing friction between him and the Dverian people. The plan, initiated by Sipavu Commodore Viktor Yulesivey, involved Sipavo Commodore Salvatoro Leskoviyey, boyhood friend and Hejul General Tomasu Ilikovi and his younger brother Solike General Frankyo Ilikovi, Solike General Makswel Yurlavistre, Vil Commodore Seri Lekostrovi, and Nire General Aysknia Ryinastiveru, the only female in the cabal. The group had decided to place a bomb in Iskaristre's office fashioned in the style of one of several bombs constructed by the Dverian insurgency that failed to explode. The bomb would have been powerful enough to incinerate the commodore, rendering any investigation impossible.

Things did not go as planned. The group concluded that Iskaristre must have sobered up to the point that he noticed the bomb and attempted to deflect it. Or, perhaps, it just happened to be far enough away to maim him and significantly wound his right arm. Either way, the plan had deteriorated quickly. But, all was not lost. The seven plotters had used the confusion and knowledge of the plot to their advantage. Iskaristre was quickly subdued by Sipavu Commodore Viktor Yulesivey, who knocked the Vil Commodore out with the butt of his pistol while the others provided adequate distractions. Solike General Frankyo Ilikovi provided the transportation as four of the members quickly whisked the injured man away and drove to a forest about a half-hour from Nugala. Three were left behind to maintain contact and secure airtight alibis for the four.

A tattoo on the left leg of the commodore had been sliced off to remove any specific identification. In addition, he had been stripped of his uniform. Iskaristre was shot in the temple on the night of August 19th, 2014 and was buried unceremoniously by the four Vekaiyun military officers. Lekostrovi announced that an explosion resulted in the death of the former Vil Commodore to Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile, who promoted Lekostrovi and launched an investigation into his death, which thus far has turned up nothing that would reveal the plot.

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