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Maxism is a political philosophy based on the policies and procedures of Max Venavle, a former dictator in Vekaiyu. When Venavle deposed the Vekaiyun Monarchy, he established a totalitarian regime with a heavy presence of a redesigned Vekaiyun Armed Forces. Such policies include media controls, a belief that vulpines and specifically Vekaiyuns are to have dominion over other nations, and fervent Vekaiyun nationalism. Such beliefs permeated into Selvala McEva's reign, but were less noticeable as her tenure as Vekaiyun Premier progressed. This relaxation of policies allowed opposition groups to grow. During her reign, tensions between Maxists and Vekaiyun Progressives, who demanded reform and less governmental control, grew.

When McEva was removed from power, Ikrisia Levinile took a hard stance against Maxism and appeared to support the Vekaiyun Progressives. She swiftly removed governmental officials and political reactionaries who identified as Maxist. This event, coupled with the removal of Selvala McEva, sparked the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War.

Today, Maxism and the practice of it is regarded as highly specist and un-Vekaiyun. As a consequence of the civil war, Levinile banned the practice of Maxism in Vekaiyu. Specifically, one cannot identify as a Maxist, hand out literature or other media with the intent of converting individuals to Maxism, or form groups publically or privately with Maxism as a commonality. The Vekaiyun Political Party that appears to identify with Maxism is the Totalitarian Party, which is seen as a legal equivalent and less radical counterpart to Maxism.

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