South Dveria

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(South Dveria)

Flag of South Dveria

Motto: Neskuye Dveria
New Dveria
Anthem: Esneligosari
Rebirth of People
Location S. Dveria Political Map
Area 298,750 km2
% Water
Population 17,830,000 (2014 EST)
Density 60/km2
Capital Nugala
Type Republic
Premier Daszo Kivlevov
Legislature N/A
Official Languages Unonian, English, Dverian
Currency Carbol (C) (CBL)
Economic Structure Market Socialism
GDP (2014) $6,781 Billion
•  Per capita
Unemployment 10.4%
Gini N/A
Life expectancy 70.0 years
Improved water access 96%
Literacy 87.6%
Enrollment 93.1%
•  Primary
94.9% (compulsory)
•  Secondary
93.6% (compulsory)
•  Tertiary
PDAS rating N/A
Measures Metric
Date format day-month-year
Traffic Right-hand
ISO code SDV
TLD .sdv
Calling code +88

South Dveria is the Vekaiyun-occupied portion of Dveria. The nation was officially split from Dveria after the Kerilo Accord ended on May 28th, 2014, which resulted in the end of the 2014 Dverian War. Initially, the state was placed under control of the Vekaiyun Armed Forces and was overseen by Sipavu Commodore Yiisu Iskaristre. However, difficulties in controlling a human-majority population and several flamboyant policies laid out by the commodore led to his demise. The murder of Iskaristre coupled with the deteriorating sentiments of the Dverian people made the Premier of Vekaiyu, Ikrisia Levinile, pause and search for a more capable leader. She selected a human, Daszo Kivlevov, who had been on the radar of the premier prior to the death of Iskaristre, and the leader was sworn in as the first Premier of South Dveria on September 21st, 2014 after a vote of approval by The Vekaiyun Union, of which South Dveria was made a permanent member. Since his selection, the situation in South Dveria improved, but the Vekaiyun military remains close at bay.

The Vekaiyun Union
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