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Xa Velikeste, whose true name was Rin Makevestre, was a former member of Project Uveshk, a covert program initiated by Max Venavle in a feasibility study focused on creating super-soldiers for Vekaiyu. Officially known as Number 20, the vulpine, along with all other individuals, left the program but returned to Ilisto several years later to participate in a final experiment.

In order to maintain connectivity with the Vekaiyun Armed Forces while at the same time divorce herself from her past, Xa had her name changed and continued to serve with her Maxist ideals. Over time, she forgot her past completely. When Selvala McEva was removed from power, she was one of the remaining officers who wholeheartedly supported a Maxist Vekaiyu. While serving on guard at a chemical facility, she was injured in an attack precipitated from the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War. Ikrisia Levinile visited her in the hospital with the intent to draw more information from her, when she suddenly began to remember Project Uveshk, and told Ikrisia that she was being haunted by a formless being that seemed to provide her information she should not be privy to. Realizing Xa still had control in her current position, Ikrisia sent her to investigate.

Upon investigating, Xa had somehow become swept up in the "final experiment" of Project Uveshk - becoming inter-dimensional beings. She lead Ikrisia into the trap with the hopes of being rewarded for her loyalty, but was became uncomfortable with the notion that all subjects must be treated the same. Xa eventually died during a catastrophe caused by the failure of the final experiment.

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