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The highly-classified Project Uveshk of Vekaiyu, as the nation is known to foreigners, is known only to a select few living souls within the nation. The project, which stems from mystery and tapping into the psyche of the very essence of one's being, remains a faint conspiracy theory in a few areas of the nation, but the thought of such a project initiated is almost laughable even to those who are in the highest of governmental positions within the nation.

Though it is officially "not known" throughout the NationStates world, the project does indeed exist, and it has been twisted and reformed into the horrid enigma it is today. The following is considered highly covert - any mention of this across nations or even whispered among the hallowed halls of the holy is sure to spark great disturbance.


Amidst the formation of the great alliance Fox Rite, Max Venavle, then supreme leader of Vekaiyu, took it upon himself to breed a new race of super soldiers, all capable of outwitting, outperforming, and essentially annihilating any and all opposition toward the fox race. It was his goal to eventually turn the nation's children into such soldiers, moving them through the rigorous training, procedures, and pains they would ultimately have to undergo in order to attain such qualities. It was radical thought then, and remians so to this day. Nevertheless, Max was determined, so he ordered his trusted adviser, known to the outside world as "Thomas", to administer a contest for families with children less than one year of age. The contest, which eventually became nationally known, featured tasks such as which child could understand mathematics, could speak with the most vocabulary, had the best sight, had the quickest reflexes, had the ability to not only stand and walk but run, and overall show the qualities of "a true sample of the vulpine race." Twenty-one children were selected, as it was determined "the vulpine race was more perfect than once thought." Still, as the story goes, the twenty-one children were taken from their respective families to begin learning in a new school designed for young children to keep their abilities and strengths piqued. There they would stay for two months, constantly stimulated, and always pushed to excel. However, the train transporting the children derailed in the midst of a forest and exploded when the boiler stack ruptured, killing all within instantly. Child and adult bone fragments were found at the scene of the crash, and the crash itself was kept under the watchful eye of the media. The families of the victims were notified, and were told they would receive annual financial support to help ease their losses.

In reality, the train the children rode on arrived at its destination approximately one point five days earlier before the tragedy. Arriving in Ilisto, a small yet relatively new city on the eastern edge of Vekaiyu, the children were placed in various programs to begin transforming them into the super soldiers they were destined to become.

Makings of the Project

Named Project Uveshk after the Unonian word Uveshk meaning Amen or more properly may it be done, it was designed to last nineteen years before the group would be tested in combat. Engrossed in a daily routine that consisted of psychological boosts, education about foreign races and technology as well as their own, various viewings / demonstrations of killings, murders, homicides, and undergo various experimentation on mind control, behavior modification, torture, and chemical treatments. The group was often encouraged to "fight for the top" and continuously challenge each other. Athletic activities often turned into struggles for supremacy and an overall avoidance of torture, as the lesser children were subject to more experimentation in comparison. Meals were always featured at the same time each day and were inundated with vitamins and protein. Religious ceremonies were often long and drawn out, believing their unity with the Almighty was of utmost importance.

As the children grew, the tasks intensified, but the government involvement decreased, as Max became more and more convinced that the quest for a race of super soldiers was too far fetched. Because of this, the process was moved to a more grueling pace, pushing the children, now young teenagers, to their very limits. When the project ended, only eleven of the twenty one survived the treatments.


Overall, the outcome of the project was better than expected. The children had much higher IQ's, were much more athletic and agile than the typical vulpine citizen, and were highly desensitized to gore and death. All could see farther, had almost triple the response time of a normal vulpine being, and had hearing that was unmatched throughout the entire world. They were highly competitive and were easily controlled psychologically, with most controlled via a series of bell tones or short musical tunes. Once the tune was played, the subject would become completely submissive to commands uttered in a language only spoken by the teachers and the children. Some even had the ability to control multiple personalities within themselves quite well. Four of the twenty-one were reported to have mild telekinetic abilities, while just over half had the ability to experience events occurring in other buildings across the city without even being present.

Unfortunately, many children committed suicide or died at the hands of the experimentation. Nearly all suffered from multiple psychological disorders with schizophrenia being the most common, as many reported hearing voices when they slept or even throughout the day. Due to their diet and rigorous exercise, none developed muscular physiques - instead, nearly all were thin and lanky yet still highly athletic. Most would suffer from migraines several times a week.

Before the project was canceled, however, the group was placed on the battlefield for testing purposes. The results were stunning.

Deployment in San Francisco Bay Area

The first action the group saw was at the age of fourteen. Fox Rite, the alliance formed by Vekaiyu and other various states, finally gained a foothold on SFBA and was desperately trying to maintain such a footing, as no other invading army had ever successfully deployed in the area. With troops and communication lines thinned, Max made the call to set Project Uveshk in motion. Within one week, fourteen of the fifteen surviving children, now teenagers, were assigned to a small sector of the large city, the goal to hold the lines until reinforcements arrived. Backed by the Vekaiyun 81st and the Imignium 2ed armored corps within firing range, the fourteen donned special armored suits constructed of cutting-edge nanotube-integrated polymer and various degrees of nanofiber and neoprene making the basis of the inner flexible portion of the armor. Their mission was to last approximately eight hours and they were ordered to attack only when fired upon.

A report later filed on the incident simply reads, "They were too good." When the group was deployed, they came under immediate fire. The 81st division, in danger of being encircled by the SFBA 45th light infantry division and 78th motorized division, was ordered to fall back, the 2ed armored corps providing cover fire as retreating division moved backwards. The Project group, nicknamed "little friends" by their comrades, either never received word of the retreat or refused to follow orders. What happened next is only known by the fourteen, as by nightfall, both the 45th and 78th divisions were completely eradicated by the group. But upon further inspection by daybreak, Vekaiyun soldiers spotted civilian bodies among the severed remains of the soldiers. What added to the dismay was the manner in which many of the soldiers and civilians alike were killed. Babies were found shoved back into their own mothers' wombs, heads were ripped off - not by blades, but pulled from the body, sometimes partial spinal cords still resting at the base of skulls. Most victims had either eyes or noses plucked off, and most had entire torsos and limbs reduced to "soup" with bits of bone fragments and hard tissue. They made no distinction between soldier and civilian, old or young, man or woman.

The sector was set ablaze the very next day to prevent word of the destruction from spreading. A task force was created to dispose of any remaining traces of the incident once the territory was deep within Fox Rite lines. As for the group of fourteen (one dying in combat), they were returned back to the city of Ilisto, never to be used again, so it was informed. It was suggested they should be eradicated, but Max was intrigued by their thought patterns, and selected five of them to officially join armed ranks. They would never leave the city, but were instead only given battle plans and told to find the path to victory.

Further Combat Missions

Toward the end of Max's reign, Fox Rite's armed forces were thinned in nine separate theaters of war. Once again, the group, now fifteen years old each, was suggested to be activated for service. While those who knew of the project urged Max Venavle to instead trust his numbers, the dictator called upon them once again, but with strict orders to kill only those who were direct threats to their livelihood. Deployed in The Soviet Union, the group made great headway once again, but still had an unusually high amount of civilian killings with each skirmish. One day saw the destruction of almost 3/4 of the Soviet 21st brigade, along with nearly five thousand civilians in and around the town of Smolensk. Unnerved, Max removed them from combat again, but met harsh resistance: the five members of Project Uveshk previously accepted into the armed forces had risen high in ranks, one even promoted to rank of Kral Commodore, the highest position of armed power in the Vekaiyun military. To make matters worse, they had infiltrated deep into the Vekaiyun military order, making any real attempt to remove them safely from power futile.

Now the group members were able to call their own shots. They left The Soviet Union and moved on to Hethrum, supporting the Fox Rite presence there. While the campaign was short-lived and turned over to the other occupation forces weeks later, the group still managed to secure an important sector which included various essential rail and waterway junctions, crippling the native forces throughout the contest. From Hethrum came the bloody trials at Pakistan, where the mobility of the Fox Rite armored corps proved too much for the native might. Coupled with the group, now entering sixteen years of age, the opposition was beaten into submission. Any atrocities were swept cleanly under any rug available.

Various other missions followed, with the group appearing to get stronger with each contest. Their final battle, Uzbekistan, saw their numbers coupled with the weakened 4th Vekaiyun light infantry division and the exhausted 112th airborne division. The group secured the eastern fringe of Uzbekistan, making any attempt at reinforcements to the Uzbekistan cause near impossible.

The Project is Disbanded

While occupying Uzbekistan, Max Venavle was assassinated by Ler Commodore Selvala McEva.

Project Uveshk Members

Below is a list of the twenty-one names to the children, now adults ranging 21-22 years old, along with a short description on their current whereabouts:

  • Ulrik Aasin: Died at age 11, strangled by Todd Leyuski.
  • Lis Ekvert: Current student at Kendio University, studying bioengineering and biomedical
  • Yvi Elestri: Whereabouts unknown.
  • Kris Enoslis: Died at age 10, suicide.
  • Viisneslia Ilina: Current student at Eldura University, studying biochemistry and bioengineering
  • Vanse Iliosku: Currently studying priesthood.
  • Visent Lemiah: Politician. Attempting to run for congress once it reconvenes.
  • Ikrisia Lievnile: Former Hejul General, special forces. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Kaslo Lisani: Died at age 11, decapitated by Ulrik Aasin.
  • Todd Leyuski: Kral Commodore of Vekaiyu
  • Riyna McAves: Whereabouts unknown.
  • Enil McLeskusa: Whereabouts unknown.
  • Ivalsa McNusehy: Current student at Imasi University, studying human anatomy and vulpine anatomy
  • Vikki Nemaiya: Sur General of Vekaiyu
  • Yiisu Nilaso: Died at age 11, suicide.
  • Ehjy Nimuos: Arch-Ler Commodore of Vekaiyu
  • Niviau Reyokya: Former Rek General, airborne. Studying organic chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Ika Selenosi: Current student at Imasi University, studying physics
  • Sapen Shakidor: Died at age 5, electrocution.
  • Yamano Vilestri: Died at age 9, asphyxiation.
  • Lis Vivestra: Died at age 14, killed in San Francisco.
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