Vekaiyu at the Sixth Summer Olympics

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at the Sixth Summer Olympics

Flag of Vekaiyu
County code VEK
NOC Vekaiyun Olympic Council
Competitors 479 athletes in all sports
Flag bearer Ikrisia Sulevire (Swimming)
Rank: 8th;
NS Olympic history
Summer Games
Winter Games

Vekaiyu 2011 Olympics Banner.jpg
A team of 479 vulpine peoples representing Vekaiyu competed at the 6th Summer Olympics in Cafundeu. These Olympics represent Vekaiyu's third appearance in an inter-regional Olympiad, and second appearance at a Summer Olympics. While the nation is represented again by an all-vulpine team, specism does not appear to be even a minor theme for the nation this time around.

Initial Predictions

The Vekaiyun Olympic team, one of the largest teams to participate in the 2011 Summer Games, was one of the handful of sentient non-human teams to participate in the games. Most of the members shrugged off the potential political conflicts, however, and look forward to representing the nation of Vekaiyu, a nation that has undergone many changes since Premier Ikrisia Levinile toppled the previous Premier Selvala McEva, which sparked a civil war that killed eleven athletes from the 2010 squad, namely 3-time silver medalist Kira Niru.

Vekaiyu looked to excel in all swimming and diving events this year. In the 2010 Summer Games, Vekaiyu placed second in all swimming events, bested only by Kelssek. Swimming phenom Ikrisia Sulevire was one year older, and was joined by another young prospect in Ankya Isassi, a sixteen-year old swimmer from Provinsk. Sayli Koveseru was a particularly feel-good story from the war-torn city of Iruk, whose training was interrupted by a three-month shutdown of the local Olympic training facility, but was still able to qualify for the games. Other notable names such as Yva Noveli, Ileena Useli, Ivalsa Beraseri, Iseli Viverisi, and Riyna McAves all represented Vekaiyu. Diving was predicted to be especially strong too. The industrial sprawls of Lekinapi was where diver Xa Susinaristre got her start. The fifteen-year-old was among the youngest competing in the games this year, and hoped to nab a metal in the games.

The Vekaiyun athletic team underwent major improvements during the off-season. Familiar faces such as Stapen Mikaseri, Seri Valekastre, and Elana Hureri all appeared to have learned quite a bit during extensive training in the fall, winter, and spring seasons. An interesting character, Sera Islivinasiri, was a dark horse favorite to win the women's marathon event. Her trek from Lira to Veli'ale in order to raise awareness for orphaned children of Lira due to the Maxist was well-received and covered by the V3 News Services.

The vulpine frame allows for dexterity and agility typically unfounded in the human form, which could have been advantageous for gymnastic events. However, it was suggested last year that there was a certain prejudice against non-human species in gymnastic events. The teams from last year have put said theories to rest. The Vekaiyun team looked to perform well in these 2011 Summer Games. An all-star cast of men and women from all around Vekaiyu looked to bring glory to the nation.

During the 2010 Summer Olympics, all shooting entrants were banned from performing in Vekaiyu since the government wanted to impress upon the people that the best shooters should be in the army and have no time for games. With a completely new face, the 2011 Vekaiyun government did not place any restrictions on Olympic qualifications. Little-known names like Lavano Oglirasi and Yalela Iveslaro wanted to get their revenge on the previous Vekaiyun regime and take home medals for the Vekaiyun nation.

Leina Iselistre literally came out of nowhere to win the gold in women's table tennis at Kelssek in the 2010 Summer Games. Whatever her placement, her gold created an interest for table tennis in Vekaiyu, and a strong team looked to capitalize on her past successes.

Bid for a Demonstration Sport

Vekaiyu was hopeful to make underwater hockey a demonstration sport. As the sport is very popular in Vekaiyu, its possible entrance into future competition would be pivotal for the nation. Vekaiyu believes it has the best underwater hockey players in the entire world and no doubt would have loved an opportunity to prove such. Even Vulshain supported the inclusion of the sport in this year's events, as underwater hockey is also a popular sport among Vulshainians as well. However, the event was not considered by the Olympic Committee.

Vekaiyu is once again expected to make a strong push for underwater hockey as a demonstration sport during the Seventh Summer Games.


(Main Article: Vekaiyun Sport Uniforms)

Vekaiyu prides itself in its technological and sometimes bizarre uniforms. The Fifth Summer Games showcased Vekaiyun uniforms in multiple sports, which received a peculiar reaction among some of the competing nations. Most of the uniforms were kept on for the Sixth Summer Games. Due the the unusual and often smaller structures of the vulpine people, as well as their religious practices, their uniforms are slightly different than normal human-based nations.

Performance and Highlights

Vekaiyu opened the events with disappointment, as just two out of eleven swimmers advanced past their heats on day one. The day wasn't a total loss, however, as Sayli Sokanovi kicked off Vekaiyu's medal-gets by earning their first-ever medal in judo with a silver. Yeri Mikislavi eased fears with a gold in the Men's 100m Breaststroke event, and the first gold was earned by the men's gymnastics team with a stellar performance in team competition. Yalela Iveslaro closed out day four with a gold in her shooting competition. The next day featured Riyna McAves defending the Women's 200m Medley swimming event, an event won last year by Vekaiyun Ika Eveleruvi. Three other bronze medals were won that day, making it one of the most lucrative days in Vekaiyun Olympics history.


Medal Name(s) Sport Event
Silver Sayli Sokanovi Judo Women's 48kg
Bronze Yeri Mikislavi Swimming Men's 100m Breaststroke
Silver Isano Vervike, Yamano Elimari Diving Men’s Synchronized 10m Platform
Gold Stapen Skilusi, Ehjy Uvves, Enlil Vosteru,
Yiisu Reveseri, Yiisu Besatera, Kaslo Nuveru
Gymnastics Men's Artistic Team Final
Gold Yalela Iveslaro (OR) Shooting Women’s 10m Air Pistol
Bronze Vikki Neveshesku, Ankya Suleri Diving Women's Synchronized 10m Platform
Bronze Ikrisia Eleseri, Leina Uverilsetrese, Xa Vilaseru,
Yva Kire, Ivalsa Noleste, Selvala Lusesitre
Gymnastics Women's Artistic Team Final
Gold Riyna McAves Swimming Women's 200m Medley
Bronze Vanse Sokolowva Table Tennis Men's Table Tennis
Gold Vinsent Ivere (OR) Swimming Men's 100m Freestyle
Bronze Stapen Skilusi Gymnastics Men's Pommel Horse
Gold Stapen Skilusi Gymnastics Men's Rings
Silver Xa Vilaseru Gymnastics Women's Uneven Bars
Silver Ikrisia Sulevire Swimming Women's 200m Breaststroke
Gold Yenga Fislavisre Diving Women's 3m Springboard
Bronze Xa Susinaristre Diving Women's 3m Springboard
Bronze Kaslo Nuveru Gymnastics Men's Horizontal Bar
Gold Leina Uverilsetrese Gymnastics Women's Balance Beam
Bronze Yva Kire Gymnastics Women's Balance Beam
Silver Riyna Mulekastri Gymnastics Women's Trampoline
Silver Yamano Teleseri Gymnastics Men's Rhythmic Individual
Bronze Vinsent Ligari Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman 55kg
Bronze Ankya Imlistre Wrestling Women's Greco-Roman 48kg
Gold Elana Hureri Athletics Women's 400m
Bronze Makswel Venskegi Shooting Men's Trap
Bronze Ika Uleveri Athletics Women's Hepathalon
Silver Yero Sakaneski, Viktor Erasavri, Daszo Ikni'istro Gymnastics Men's Rhythmic Group
Silver Ivalsa Sivilino Shooting Women’s 50m Rifle Prone
Silver Yva Pivicherostre Shooting Women’s Double Trap
Bronze Yiisu Ulegari Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman 63kg
Gold Viktor Islavasho Taekwondo Men's 58kg
Silver Liviala Eglestoro Taekwondo Women's 49kg
Gold Keslo Nikeri Wrestling Men's 55kg Freestyle
Bronze Elana Viteri Wrestling Women's 48kg Freestyle
Silver Kesia Keslamiri Athletics Women's 800m
Bronze Rin Selera Athletics Women's 20km Race Walk
Gold Yenga Husteriste Boxing Women's Bantamweight
Gold Liviala Erserste Boxing Women's Light Welterweight
Bronze Todd Langeveri, Daszo Niveri, Vanyo Nikaseri, Seri Valekastre Athletics Men's 4x400m Relay
Bronze Iso Ervuli Boxing Men's Light Flyweight
Bronze Reko Livistere Boxing Men's Middleweight
Bronze Salvatoro Isparu Taekwondo Men's 80kg
Silver (Team) Water Polo Men's Water Polo
Gold Isii Sileveri Boxing Women's Flyweight
Silver Kili Soverise Cycling Women's Mountain Bike
Silver Samuel Iknisu, Herul Valikari, Viktor Nuvikale, Ives El'garu Synchronized Swimming Men's Team
Medals by sport
Sport med_1.png Med 2.png med_3.png Total
Gymnastics 3 4 4 11
Boxing 3 0 2 5
Swimming 2 2 1 5
Shooting 1 2 1 4
Athletics 1 1 3 5
Diving 1 1 2 4
Taekwondo 1 1 1 3
Wrestling 1 0 4 5
Cycling 0 1 0 1
Judo 0 1 0 1
Water Polo 0 1 0 1
Table Tennis 0 0 1 1
Medals by type
Type med_1.png Med 2.png med_3.png Total
Men's 5 5 11 21
Women's 8 9 8 25
Mixed 0 0 0 0
Total 13 14 19 46
  • (OR) denotes Olympic Record


As the Fifth Summer Olympics came to a close, Vekaiyu had a lot to be proud of in their first ever appearance in an Olympic event. The nation finished in 18th place, highlighted by obtaining the second-highest ranking in the swimming events. Vekaiyu had achieved what it had set out to prove: they were very good at swimming, but in addition they proved to be among the world's elite in such events. With another year of training and experience, there is no telling what limits they will set for the Sixth Summer Olympics.

Despite there being many accomplishments, there were noticeable blemishes in the Vekaiyun arsenal. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was Ikrisia Sulevire. The young swimmer never officially commented on her performance (one gold medal and one bronze medal in eight events), but accepted reasons include the tremendous expectations and pressure Vekaiyu placed on her shoulders and the rumor that her speed swimsuit was too tight and she was unable to have her size made in time for her participating events. Another disappointment is a the sheer amount of unluckiness the Vekaiyun gymnastic teams faced: at least a dozen fourth and fifth place finishes plagued the teams. While such accomplishments are nothing to overlook and do not deter from Vekaiyu's formidable gymnastics program, the nation is interested in winning medals.

Many athletes came home heroes. Even those who did not perform to expectation were treated respectfully and compassionately. The Eleven Sirens' popularity remained undimmed and, in some cases, improved. Sulevire returned to her typical form by participating in a recent invitational and setting Vekaiyun records in freestyle and backstroke events. The miraculous performance of Leina Iselistre who, despite the odds stacked against her, won gold in table tennis, has moved many Vekaiyuns to take interest in the sport. Humans in Vekaiyu were moved in an opposite way: the poor overall performances of the Vekaiyun basketball teams and lifting events reportedly inspired many to train for next year's games.

Unfortunately, the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War claimed the lives of nearly one dozen Vekaiyun athletes: Fankyo Nolevistre, Viktor Ilovestri, Lipia Sovale, Vesila McKareno, Yiisu Naver, Nyl Uvelere, Leina Huseri, Yalela Uselveri, Samuel Shakador, Iveri Kisalare, Dazso Telikro, and Kira Niru. Kira Niru was Vekaiyu's top medal-getter and a former member of the Eleven Sirens whose life was tragically cut short in the Great Tragedy that befell Iruk during the war.

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