Daszo Kivlevov

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Daszo Kivlevov
Duke of Lurasi (in abeyance)
Premier of South Dveria
Assumed Office September 21st, 2014
Preceded by none

Gender male
Race Human
Born July 5, 1985
Place of Birth Lurasi, Vekaiyu
Age 29
Eye Color Brown
Height (feet) 6'2"
Weight (pounds) 230 lbs
Religion Vayan Catholicism
Languages Unonian, English, Durric

Daszo Kivlevov a member of one of nine Vekaiyun Royal Families - Kivlevov - the name that was historically closest to the throne. Of the nine royal families, only two have human lines. Despite being unrecognized, Daszo was bestowed the title of Duke of Lurasi by a convening of Vekaiyun Royalty some 15 years ago. This was a somewhat controversial move, as it was very unusual to give a human dominion over a large Vekaiyun city, even though the position itself was meaningless in a non-monarchial society.

Daszo is the Premier of South Dveria, a protectorate of Vekaiyu. He was appointed to the position during the first meeting of The Vekaiyun Union, which occurred shortly after he fled Vekaiyu. Prior to his appointment, he proved his loyalty to Vekaiyu and not to the royal family by delivering sensitive documents to Ikrisia Levinile that would apparently wrestle the nation free from the Vekaiyun royal family, which still attempted to merit some control over the nation despite being abesent since the Max Venavle overthrew the monarchy. Daszo currently resides in Nugala and is limited in his policies due to the strong presence of the Vekaiyun military.

In his leisure, Daszo spends his time horseback riding, boxing, and studying. He is able to speak three languages and is a scolar for regional history.

Since he is human, he does not have a spotless reputation in the antiquated heirarchies of Vekaiyun royalty. Despite this, he feels the need to defend their often backwards ways of trying to fit into modern Vekaiyu. He is good friends with his cousin Leina Kivlevov, despite being sixteen years her senior. The two often feel out-of-place in their "suffocating" and "isolated" lives, and find comfort in being open and honest with one another. In truth, Daszo feels as if he is a father figure to the young vulpine female, and cares for her and her well-being very much.

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