Stapen Evesuni

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Stapen Evesuni
Premier of Listonia
Title Premier of Listonia
Assumed Office November 21st, 2014
Preceded by none

PreviousTitle Cadipremier of Listonia
Assumed Office April 28th, 2012
to November 21st, 2014
Preceded by none

Previous Title Dictator of Listonia
In Office April 4th, 2009
to April 28th, 2012
Preceded by none

Gender male
Race Vulpine
Born December 13th, 1969 (?)
Place of Birth Somewhere in Listonia
Age 47
Eye Color Light Blue
Height (feet) 5'5"
Weight (pounds) 120 lbs
Religion Voxian Catholicism
Languages Unonian, some English

Stapen Kirin Evesuni is the Premier of Listonia. Evesuni had been the Dictator of Listonia since its independence, but his position was compromised by a coup. To date, he remains one of the most well-liked figures in Listonia, and is facilitated by a cult of personality built up by the early Listonian government. Away from public eye, he is the leader of Yu Levolar, a powerful crime organization in the Unonian-speaking world.

Uneducated and poor with words, Evesuni usually lets his actions do the talking. He is an excellent fighter, dating back to his days of fighting for Listonian Independence, and is usually able to quickly assess a situation in order to find the best available opportunity. Despite his success, Evesuni is typically unhappy, but he maintains a stoic demeanor.


Evesuni was born Kirin Stapen Evesuni, and was raised somewhere on a farm in Dverian-occupied Listonia. His father was a poor farmer who abused alcohol, and his mother maintained the homestead. Kirin ran away from home at age 15 after his mother died. He spent the next two years as a smelly, dirty hoodlum, hopping trains and occasionally getting into trouble with the law. He eventually met his wife of two years later age 17, and they had a child a few years later, named Ilesira Venavila Evesuni. Conditions were miserable for the two, but Kirin worked while his young wife taught him how to read and write. When Dverian officers came to remove individuals delinquent on their taxes, they found the Evesuni family and set their shack on fire. Evesuni made it out alive with his daughter, but his wife perished.

Returning to a life of wandering was tough on a child. He eventually gave it away to a Vekaiyun program on raising intelligent children, thinking that perhaps it'd be better if a state took care of her than what he could muster. Now alone, Evesuni changed his name to Stapen Kirin Evesuni and was quickly swept up by a Listonian rebellion movement, where he showed impressive clarity and marksmanship. He rose up in the ranks over time and eventually founded his own movement, the People for an Independent Listonia. To increase the group's influence, he adopted a life of crime and performed many underhanded dealings. His diplomacy caught the attention of Listonian crime lords, and the crime syndicate Yu Levolar was quick to include him in their ranks. After some twenty years of fighting, he led the charge for Listonian Independence in 2009.

Post Listonian Independence

After declaring himself dictator of the new state, Evesuni made frequent travels to Vekaiyu, where the then-Premier Selvala McEva pawned him off on her Kral Commodore, Ikrisia Levinile. Ikrisia, after learning of Stapen's stories and yearning to know the fate of her own parents, started to believe that Evesuni could be related to her. Evesuni did not return this sentiment. While in Allegheny, Evesuni underwent a lung operation to remove a large cyst brought on by years of chain smoking. Ikrisia took this opportunity to order a DNA test. The two learned of their relationship, and father and daughter were reunited. They both agreed to keep their newfound knowledge a secret, even as Ikrisia became Vekaiyu's newest premier.

Evesuni's time spent with his daughter and Vekaiyun affairs took time away from Listonia. A rival crime organization, Sakeyuz, worked with one of Evesuni's body doubles to stage a coup. Upon returning from one of his voyages to Vekaiyu, Evesuni was removed from power and sent to prison under an assumed name, on orders from the "Imposter" Evesuni. Sakeyuz used this time to try and gain complete independence from Vekaiyu, and went to war with the powerful nation to the west. Despite eight months of planning and transforming the Listonian state, their plan failed as Vekaiyun divisions carved through the Listonian countryside. Ikrisia hand-picked a new leader for the state before her divisions reached Ye'leli, the Listonian capital. Lso Yiskevi was dropped into the city, where he found the dead imposter Evesuni, declaring himself the new Listonian Premier.

It was around this time where the true Stapen Evesuni used the ongoing chaos to organize a jailbreak. After succeeding, he and the others made their way to Ye'leli. Once arriving, it quickly became apparent that there was some kind of foul play afoot. Evesuni got his revenge on the Sakeyuz commanders, and eventually made it known that he was in fact alive. This inadvertently increased his cult of personality status among the Listonians, who initially thought he had come back from the dead.

There was a problem, though. Vekaiyu was attempting to gain control of the state, and did not enjoy the fact that Stapen Evesuni was threatening to disrupt it. Ikrisia and Evesuni met, where they both let their thoughts known to each other. Both left the meeting uneasy, as the whole ordeal soured the relationship between the two vulpine leaders. Evesuni was restored as Premier of Listonia, but it would have to be shared with Lso Yiskevi. Both men shared this position until Yiskevi was promoted to General Secretary of The Vekaiyun Union in late 2014.

Evesuni was once a very physical fighter, but his age has begun to limit his abilities. He is down a lung, and eight months in prison took its toll on his health. He is routinely haunted by the shadows of the past, and cares very much for his people. While he does go on publicity tours, they are few and far between. To date, no one really knows if Evesuni is regrouping or has grown a distaste for the public spotlight. It is unclear what his next move will be.

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