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Uniform of the Vekaiyun Foreign Officer

Vekaiyun Foreign Officers or Vekaiyun Foreign Ambassadors are Vekaiyun citizens who have undergone extensive training to serve their nation abroad as a representative of their nation to another nation Vekaiyu either has relations with or is seeking relations.

All foreign officers are female. This is not out of coincidence - Vekaiyu believes psychology plays a large role in foreign relations and believes females are more likely to gain a positive response than a male presence. So far this has not led them astray. Foreign officers must undergo four years of schooling, which includes mastering the English language, studying humanities and both Vekaiyun history and culture, and multiple courses in which they learn about various cultures within The East Pacific region. For those who wish to venture outside of the region, special classes are available.

If one graduates from a foreign officer program, it does not guarantee their place in the Vekaiyun foreign affairs department. Vekaiyu holds their officers in high esteem and "weeds out" competition in order to ensure the most qualified are serving in such roles.


Effective January 1st, 2011, all Vekaiyun Foreign Officers are required to wear the foreign officer uniform. This uniform is designed to be elegant but not flashy or colorful. Out of respect, the uniform is devoid of color, echoing the new seriousness Vekaiyuns take in dealing with foreign nations. It also appears more militaristic than previous foreign officer uniforms.

Pictured is the Vekaiyun Foreign Officer uniform. It is colored in black, dark gray, and white. The overcoat is kept closed by twelve buttons, symbolically representing the Vekaiyun holy number. White is used on the front to represent purity, and two straps on each sleeve may be adjusted to be loose in warmer climates or tight in colder climates. Black stockings/hosiery extend from the underskirt of the uniform. Not pictured are the white gloves and white high-heels.

Notable VFO's

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