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'Sen Ayigusi', Unonian for Without Citizenship is a Vekaiyun concept that has been in place since the reign of Max Venavle. The concept continued through Selvala McEva's tenure as Premier of Vekaiyu and has been expanded under current Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile.

In this concept, all individuals born within Vekaiyu with at least one parent having Vekaiyun citizenship obtain citizenship by birth (referred to as Niskuge lo Ayigusi, or gifted citizenship). Citizenship may of course be earned for those who were not born as citizens of Vekaiyu - they may even be in positions of leadership, as Premier Levinile was born in neighboring Listonia. However, Vekaiyun citizens may lose their citizenship as well. This is because Vekaiyuns conceptually believe citizenship to be a binding contract with the nation - once the citizen breaks that agreement, the citizen forfeits their citizenship and therefore is no longer merited the same provisions a typical Vekaiyun citizen enjoys. Non-citizenship allows the Vekaiyun government to use the non-citizen for use in experimentation, prisoner marches, the likes. A non-citizen may apply again for citizenship, but the state makes no guarantees on re-approval of citizenship. During the re-application process, the individual remains unprotected.

Such measures are typically reserved to unrepentant offenders of particular crimes, but has been expanded under Premier Levinile to include treasonous behavior toward the Vekaiyun state or Vekaiyun Union, as well as certain crimes where "unmistakable evidence is presented and confirmed by a jury as dictated by the high courts". This practice was especially prevalent toward the end of the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War and was lumped into a movement that has colloquially been referred to as the Governmental Purge of Vekaiyu. Since the war, convictions that include a loss of citizenship are rare.

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