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Seri Lekostrovi is the current Vil Commodore (Vil translating to location or theater) of South Dveria. He is charged with overseeing all military operations in South Dveria, which includes maintaining organization, ordering troop movements, carrying out orders from the Kral Commodore, protecting the nation against insurgents, and securing the government, which includes the Premier of Dveria, Daszo Kivlevov. He has developed a reputation for an uncanny ability to assess problematic situations and as a loyal Vekaiyun who commanded respect from years of admirable service and cunning tact.

He was promoted to the position of Vil Commodore on August 19th, 2014 following the death of Vanse Iskaristre. While the Vil Commodore announced that Iskaristre's death was due to an explosion that entered his office, he, along with several other high-ranking officers under Iskaristre's command, had the commodore killed due to his ineptitude and inability to take control of a growing unstable situation between the Vekaiyun Armed Forces and Dverian insurgents. Prior to this, he served under Iskaristre for many years as the the Sipavu Commodore of the Vekaiyun 40th army, which withstood the brunt of the Dverian assault during the initial stages of the 2014 Dverian War. Iskaristre's careless tactics resulted in the near annihilation of the division, much to the chagrin of Lekostrovi.

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