Governmental Purge of Vekaiyu

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The Governmental Purge of Vekaiyu was a series of events set into motion by the recently-appointed Premier of Vekaiyu, Ikrisia Levinile. The purge, which officially began on September 7th, 2010, did not officially end until May 5th, 2011. During that span, an estimated 11,400 governmental officials, military officers, political agitators, and other individuals who were identified as being Maxist sympathizers were systematically eliminated after being declared enemies of the Vekaiyun state. It is widely believed the purge was among one of five main reasons for the quick turnaround of Vekaiyu after the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War.

"The Great Purge"

Premier Ikrisia Levinile

The purge officially began at a state dinner hosted by Levinile. She had carefully researched attendees and had half of those in attendance poisoned by strychnine. She did this in such a way whereby a survivor would accept a "promotion" by taking the job title of the now-dead individual to his or her left. Newly-restored Ler Commodore Vanse Lebivistre was ordered to assist with purges three days later, on September 10th, where small "death squads" were established in each province, tasked with the removal of believed Maxist supporters. Many individuals would face trials that were often hastily decided via military tribunals. Those found guilty were typically shipped to the provincial capital where they awaited death on the next Thursday, usually by hanging. Hangings were often displayed publicly, and were sometimes televised. On October 28th, 2010, some 711 convicted Maxist sympathizers were hanged in Eldura alone. A remaining 44 convicts were shot via a firing squad when one of the gallows were rendered out of service at approximately 10:44 VST. The days of hanging became colloquially known as "Bloody Thursdays".

The last of the purges officially occurred on May 5th, 2011, though it is widely believed purges continued until the end of 2011, as many Maxist sympathizers were executed "on-sight" if they were deemed too dangerous for a trial. This was especially true in The Levenasi, where many Maxist sympathizers attempted to hide after the publicity of the purges skyrocketed. It is also believed many may have fled into neighboring Listonia, which attempted to find Maxist sympathizers and extradite them to Vekaiyu; however, the Listonian government has admitted publicly on several occasions that it often attempted to "hunt them down" rather than go through the lengthy and expensive process of transporting supposed criminals.

Purges via military tribunal for Maxist supporters was officially outlawed on December 3rd, 2011. While it is no longer punishable by death to identify as a Maxist supporter, serious cases may be subjected to the Vekaiyun judiciary system and, if found guilty, may be sentenced to a fine, jail time, community service, or, in extreme cases, loss of citizenship.

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