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Visela Elestri is a former member of Project Uveshk, a covert program initiated by Max Venavle in a feasibility study focused on creating super-soldiers for Vekaiyu. Officially known as Number 20, the vulpine, along with all other individuals, left the program but returned to Ilisto several years later to participate in a final experiment.

Visela became a marine engineer in her time away from the project. She was initially ready to participate in the "final experiment" in order to become an inter-dimensional being, but began having second thoughts when she realized the group would become separated as a result of the ordeal. When the project collapsed, she hid behind a sheet of Lexan and survived a catastrophic blast which killed most members.

She escaped, and was able to continue her research - building a device that could sustain a sentient being underwater indefinitely. She works in tow with Elana Navinsku in order to test equipment, glean Elana's knowledge of marine biology, and input her mastery of fluid mechanics and chemical/marine engineering.

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