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Todd Leyuski was one of the twenty-one children selected for Project Uveshk, a classified project ordered by Max Venavle in an attempt to groom a selection of Vekaiyun super-soldiers. Among his group he was considered the leader, but was quick to anger. His role was assumed when he was tortured for strangling to death Ulrik Aasen, a contemporary who earlier that day had decapitated one of their own during a game. The high tolerance of pain he displayed during his punishment gained the respect of his group.

When he was fourteen, he saw his first campaign in SFBA. Those who had been monitoring the project were shocked at their performance, noting they apparently could not distinguish between opposing soldier and civilian. Nevertheless, they were placed in combat situations while at the same time trying to train them to only kill soldiers. Leyuski quickly rose above the ranks to become Kral Commodore, taking Max by surprise, and quickly began to call his own shots. However, it is noted that his will to fight and conquer slowly faded after the disbanding of the project.

Ikrisia Levinile expressed affection toward Leyuski, which stemmed from him saving her when her arms were vaporized from a light tank. He would not return to battle until she had been given prosthetic steel composite arms, something that helped show her compassion in a critical moment in her life.

As a Kral Commodore

Like Selvala McEva, he rose in the ranks during the chaos period ushered by Max Venavle. Despite his age, he was promoted to the rank of Kral Commodore, shortly before Max was killed. Serving in this position, he used his power not for war, but for the betterment of the people via various social programs proposed and siphoned aid from the military budget. Educated and a formidable fighter, he was highly charismatic, and was a popular figure among the people. This was due to his uncanny resemblance to the Todd McCloud of old and has been known to dress like him especially for speeches and the occasional paparazzi swarms.

When Max died, a large power void was created. Max did not choose a successor, so the Kral and Ler Commodores were left to fight over the position. However, Leyuski was quick to bow out, apparently knowing the power struggle would divide the nation further. While Selvala worked diligently for a new structured government, Todd was there side-by-side, making sure his words and thoughts were implemented and carried out, often complimenting the work of Selvala with his own social programs and bills. He claimed to be passed his military eagerness and openly stated he was never a fond ally of Venavle, however. Fierce and energetic, he was instrumental in preventing the Vekaiyun armed forces from crumbling under its own weight.


Not much is known about his disappearance. When Ikrisia Levinile was promoted to Kral Commodore, the nation began to worry that perhaps Leyuski had vanished for good. His disappearance is still a highly controversial and mysterious topic within the vulpine nation.

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