Coronation and Wedding of Thumim V and Saga of Tynam

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Coronation and Wedding of Thumim V and Saga of Tynam
Flypast of the Packilvanian Air Force over the Sultana's Square during the wedding of Thumim V and Saga of Tynam
Procession of an elephant-mounted cavalry of the Packilvanian Armed Forces during the wedding of Thumim V and Saga of Tynam
Native name luToronifiya nadine luZawjamiya aThumim muSaank nadine Saga aTaynaam (Packilvanian)
Date23 January 2023 - 24 January 2023
TimeMorning to Evening (+4 UTC (Central East Packilvania Time))
  • Wedding: approx. 5 hours excluding the reception
  • Coronation: TBD
CauseCelebration of the wedding and coronation of Sultan Thumim V and Sultana Saga
Budget300 million KRB
Organised byCrowning Committee (led by Sultana Mother Mebri, supported by the Imperial Court of Packilvania and the Department of Imperial Affairs)

The Coronation and Wedding of Thumim V and Saga of Tynam (Packilvanian: luToronifiya nadine luZajwamiya aThumim muSaank nadine Saga aTaynaam) was a two-day event that took place from 23 January 2023 and 24 January 2023. The wedding cerenomy took place on 23 January 2023 at the Temple of the Authority in Bingol while the coronation ceremony (which formally anointed Sultan and Sultana of Packilvania) took place at the Temple of the Restoration in Adrien, Ashura.


Saga, Duchess of Tynam and Crown Prince of Packilvania, Prince Thumim, started dating in 2021 after meeting at the Cryria-Packilvanian Business Summit in Gezer, Packilvania. It was a precursor event to the signing of the Commercial Cooperation Partnership between Packilvania and the Member States of the League of Novaris. Saga and Thumim were discovered to be romantically linked after attending the coronation of Emira Scheherazade of Sayyed. Prince Thumim ascended to the position of the Sultan of Packilvania on the proclamation and acceptance by the Council of State of his abdication on 24 December 2022 and became Thumim V. To celebrate and commemorate his accession as well as his marriage to Saga, it was decided to hold the coronation and wedding close to each other. The Imperial Court announced that former Sultana of Packilvania, Mebri, would be organising both occasions.


Arrangements for the celebrations were organized by the specially formed Crowning Committee, which handled the innumerable administrative tasks required to organize an event on par with major international sporting tournaments in complexity and scale. Much of the groundwork was laid in the months following Thumim V's ascension to the throne, and by January of 2023 preparations were well underway with the issuance of formal invitations and the large-scale mobilization of security resources and support personnel to manage the affair. Speculation had arisen in the media that the reshuffling of the Council of Ministers of Packilvania which saw Princess Abdina move from the Department of Imperial Affairs (which was part of the organizing process) and replace by Duchess Tuhali of Khashar might affect the pace of preparations but such fears were averted as preparations continued unabated.

Several noted Packilvanian, Tynami, and Älemsi fashion designers were commissioned by the respective parties to design and prepare outfits for the events, and thousands of flags and banners were sewn for display.

The final stages of the preparations were hindered when on 18 January the government of Mekedesh shut down road links to the capital on account of a supposed terrorist threat. It later went to court in an effort to halt a Ministry of Transport order to end the blockade, thus prolonging the situation. On 19 January, the Furmeed Coal Power Station in Mekedesh reported a breakdown, and officials from the Energy Inspectorate were turned back by the Mekedesh Energy Corporation, which claimed that it had not been presented with proper credentials. An order from the Ministry of Energy to allow the officials entry resulted in the Mekedesh Energy Corporation similarly taking the case to court. However, both applications were dismissed by the courts, and on 20 January Prince Elam, the governor of Mekedesh, refused to meet with the Sultan. On 21 January the Executive of the Mekedesh Electricity Corporation was fired by the Ministry for Public Enterprises, while Prince Elam was dismissed, arrested, and charged with treason on account of his obstruction, thus bringing the brief crisis to a close.

The leadup to the wedding saw sweeping restrictions placed across the capital. The usage of vehicles was limited, leading to record air quality improvements and clear skies in Bingol. Extensive security preparations took place across the city, the full scale of which remains classified but was likely built upon the existing Packilvanian surveillance state and thousands of mobilized security forces from around the country. A ban on non-military flights was enforced over much of the city's airspace by the armed forces, and local military installations were filled with the tens of thousands of servicemembers who would take part in the Imperial procession. State media established a presence at key locations to operate authorized broadcasts and livestreams of the event both nationally and internationally.


The events were split across two days, with the wedding taking place on 23 January, and coronation on 24 January. Saga of Tynam arrived on 2 January and subsequently made several appearances in Bingol, while guests and foreign dignitaries began to arrive over the course of the week leading up to the wedding.

January 23: Wedding

The Temple of the Authority whose Uden II Sacrificial Pure hosted the main ceremony and the Rulhan II Baptismal Hall hosted the religious conversion ceremony

Most of the wedding events were held at Bingol's Temple of the Authority on 23 January. the Temple was opened at 9:00 AM for guests, and the streets of the capital were packed despite traffic control measures implemented by the local authorities. The Imperial family made its planned entrance at 11:20 AM, and the Sultan's own convoy soon followed. The bridal party was escorted by a 300-strong ceremonial cavalry guard of the Packilvanian Army. According to official numbers released by Packilvanian state media, over forty-five thousand individuals were present in the Temple and its courtyard. This included an unprecedented number of foreigners and non-believers.

While all attendees were required to conform to a practice of ablution and certain dress protocols while in the Temple, several guests became the source of some controversy. Among them were Emira Scheherazade of Sayyed and Shaman Iriko of Kuduk, whose respective styles of dress drew attention. The gender identity of Viktor von Dotseth of Nystatiszna similarly became a cause for comment, and all three were redacted from the official state broadcasts that were streaming the scene worldwide.

The beginning of the ceremonies was announced by the Lord President of the Privy Council, and opening prayers were led by the Temple's Chief Imam. The main wedding services were conducted by Supreme Magister Tawak VII. A second, private ceremony of religious conversion was held after the wedding with the presence of only the two families.

While broadcasting cameras had been turned away for the second ceremony, the scene gained a brief media notoriety in Saga's native Cryria, where the far-right news website Drakenlya was raided by the Cryrian Säkerhetspolisen in the middle of its live commentary, purportedly after issuing death threats against members of the House of Tynam. Sounds of the raid laid over the live filler broadcast of the Temple courtyard quickly went viral.

The imperial couple and their relatives stood on the balcony of the Sultana's Palace and waved to the thousands of people on Sultana's Square before the banquet held at the same venue

The wedding ceremony was followed by a royal procession through the streets of the capital back to the Sultana's Palace. In addition to guests and the two families, the parade involved some forty-thousand service personnel and included escorts of cavalry and elephants before concluding with a thirty-minute long show held by the air display team of the Packilvanian Air Force.

January 24: Coronation

The Coronation was held at the Majhid of the Restoration in the Holy City of Adrien in the central province of Ashura. The invited guests were not permitted to enter the Temple of the Restoration grounds, instead a separate area was created beyond the Temple walls where they could watch from a distance. The ceremony was broadcast worldwide. The public were allowed to watch on large screens from the grounds within the Temple walls and surrounding areas. Only members of the Imperial Family, military, intelligence community, government, Magisterium of Paxism, nobility, dignitaries from Allegheny and Drakkengard, and former members of the Carriers of Mercy.

There was a parade from when the Imperial couple, their enterage and foreign guests arrived to the Temple, by then the guests in the venue were seated. Supreme Magister Tawak VII, presided over the occasion. On arrival of the Imperial couple, the assembled members were shown the copy of the edict of the Council of State affirming the Imperial couple's identities and legitimate rights to the Crown, which were acknowledged by representatives of various groups namely the religious bodies, member states of Pax-Draconica, the civil government, and military.

Then the Sultan's Champion wielding a scimitar and mounting a steed dared a challenger to oppose the new Sultan and Sultana. With no challenger emerging, the assembled guests cheered the monarch and his consort. Thumim V and Saga of Tynam took oaths to commit themselves to the country and its people. Then they were presented with rings symbolic of their marriage to the nation as much as the day prior they had married each other. Thumim alone was anointed with oil, make a blood covenant by the altar of burning fire. He was then enthroned and presented with three crown jewels of Packilvania including the heavily bejeweled Imperial Crown, concluding the ceremony.

Bedon Family Foundation

After the Coronation, the Imperial Court of Packilvania announced that the newly crowned Sultan and Sultana would consolidate various charitable foundations and programs under rhe Houses of Bedon and Tynam into the Bedon Family Foundation whose total endowment is estimated at circa 50 billion KRB. Saga of Tynam provided a 1 billion KRB initial donation. The Amhoud I Family Trust is believed to make a contribution as well.

List of foreign dignitaries

The foreign dignitaries who were in attendance were as follows:

Country or Organisation Represented Name of Representative Comment
Acronis Matron of the Church of Akrona Vana Dandreal
Aikthudr'zhur Queen Halein of House Ny'thudr'zhan
Aldaar Kauda Advisor Azniv Haviiz
Älemsi Negdel Speaker Torbiashi Tuyuideger Governor Zamira of Gazny Khot and others attended separately as friends and family of Saga Tynam
 Alksearia Queen Dorothea
Astela Minister of Foreign Affairs Icilo Messa, Minister of Industries Iona Reo
Blaskog Crown Prince Wilan
 Blueacia Prince Vermilleus
Cryria Triarca Emily Costantini
Cryria Queen Ulrika II of the House of Leidensen, Ambassador Adrian Lindskog Lady Svea Widfross attended separately as a friend of Saga Tynam
Drakkengard Prime Minister Jawal Ukramistre, Governor-General Usmil VII
 Great Morstaybishlia King Lambertus VII, Queen Rosetta
International Forum Secretary- General Helena Reitz
Kæra'zna Kaera General Representative to the International Forum Ryz'alf Tsøka'fla Attended on behalf and at the request of KDC Director for Overseas Affairs, Unse'ul Tsøka'fa
 Kuduk Shaman Iriko "Loving Hawk"
Meremaa Duke Telvi V of Kaladeirde The Duke visited despite being advised not to by the Meremain government
 Mirhaime Lewydh Alane Gersi
Musetszna Arch-Priness Ny’Hjøran LuPaasan, Prince Consort Ulahid a-Luwadeen Bedon
Noraida High Priestess Ava III
Nystatiszna Director of NIB Viktor von Dotseth; Lady Eirin Slovkry
 The Oan Isles Rangitanga-a-te-Moana Oahoanu, Prime Minister Maui Uye-Ahua
Rikevaarland Council President Reile Henretedotur
 Sayyed Emira Scheherazade Al Sayyed
Serramal President Manjit Rahar
 South Hills President Minerva Todd
 Tavaris King Emeritus Zaram V
 Tivot President Tanya Tarasovna
 Tretrid King Ælfric III, Prime Minister Eoforwine Æthelstanesunu
 Tuvaltastan President Alyona Petrovavich
United Nations of the Auroran Continent President of the UNAC Commission Lara Tarasovna

Other notable individuals in attendance included Duke Uriele of Erevia.


The combined event is believed to have been watched over 1 billion times across different platforms such as online streaming, social media, and radio and satellite and cable television broadcast based on Some of the platforms include: