Temple of the Restoration

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Temple of the Restoration, Adrien, Ashura, Packilvania

The Temple of the Restoration is a religious building located in the Holy City of Adrien in Packilvania that is regarded as the second holiest site in Paxism alongside the Memorial of the Jovian Gate and the Bingol Royal Palace. Pilgrimage to either the Temple of the Restoration or the Memorial of the Jovian Gate at least once in one's lifetime is regarded as compulsory by all Paxist denominations.

The Temple of the Restoration is built to commemorate the Vagumar the second and last widely recognised Paxist writing. The Vagumar was commissioned by King Suleiman of Yehudah whom scripture alleges received a vision from the Paxist central deity Noi and titular figure Pax to compile a scripture comprised of recognised writings in addition to the Ichtmar by Prophet Besmali to expand on and unify revelation about Paxism. The final version of the text was subsequently approved by the Council of Adrien, a conference of scholars and prophets of Paxism invited by King Suleiman of Yehudah.

The Temple is located at the approximate location of the Palace of Suleiman of Yehudah where Jerome of Damaclion is said to have conducted his work of editing the Vagumar and the Council of Adrien is believed to have approved the document. It was built in 120 CE. It suffered a fire in 978 CE and had to be rebuilt during the reign of Melkezedek the Great. It is believed that Melkezedek the Great undertook the Bas Magdamar specifically to restore his credibility following the fire that engulfed the Temple. Today, it is a world heritage site and an example of Packilvanian architecture.