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The Confederation of Rikevaarland

Flag of Rikevaarland
Motto: Forent er vi rikere (United we are richer)
Anthem: Ser du byene vi har bygget? (Do you see the cities we have built?)
Largest cityKeirlend
Official languagesNorgsveltian, Eyjarian and Vaaran
Ethnic groups
(2019 Estimate)
International Estimate:
60% Kemonomimi
28% Elves
5% Humans
5% Tieflings
2% other
GovernmentFederal, Plutocratic, oligarchical republic
• Council President
Reile Henretedotur
LegislatureDirectorat Council
• Establishment of the Norgsveltian Borean Trading Company
• Company independence
15th August 1781
• Confederation Treaty in Tordalen
• 2024 estimate
International Estimate: 6,119,089
Government Claims: 3,390,345
GDP (nominal)2024 estimate
• Total
$354,9 Billion
• Per capita
International Estimate: 58,000
Government Claims: 104,679
CurrencyRikari Russ (R)
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideright

Rikevaarland, officaly known as the Confederation of Rikevaarland, is a confederation of city states in Central Borea, with a population of 6,119,089, according to international estimates from 2023. The country shares a land border with Nystatiszna and Aduraszna in the North. It has a gdp of 354,9 billion with a gdp per capita of 58,000 making it one of the wealthiest countries in Borea. It has been reported to have one of the world’s highest levels of economic inequality, with several international observers and organizations accusing the country of abusing its majority Nystatinne population. Who lacks the same rights that registered Rikevaari citizens hold. With it being estimated that almost 50% of the country’s population is not registered as citizens.

The country is led by a council made up of the leaders of each individual city state, who are among the wealthiest individuals within the country. With the current Council President being Reile Henretedotur of Tordalen, being the CEO of the country’s largest private security company TTO. The responsibilities of the Directorat Council and the Council President kept purposefully low with much of the laws and governance being heavily different from one city to another. With the main purpose of legislature and executive being matters of foreign and security policies.