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Cafe Net
Motto'Connecting people' (Te hono i te iwi in Oan)
FormationOctober 10, 2002; 21 years ago (2002-10-10)
TypeInternet service provider
Legal statusFor-profit private limited liability company
PurposeInternet services
HeadquartersTokapa, The Oan Isles
ProductsCafe Net

Cafe Vibes
Cafe Net Academic Repository

Cafe Net Web Services
ServicesCloud computing

Web hosting
Social media

Academic database
FieldsInformation and communication technology
OwnerDamehowe Inc (100%)
Etuarti Takatunuye
Parent organization
Damehowe Group

Cafe Net is a multinational internet service provider located in and originating from the Oan Isles. It is a subsidiary of Damehowe Inc holdings company and is part of the Damehowe Group based in Great Morstaybishlia. It is among the largest providers of internet services in Aurora and it has a massive footprint on the Kuthern Commonwealth. The diverse portfolio of services it offers includes academic repositories, social media and cloud computing. It was founded by Etuariti Takatunuye in 2002.


Etuariti Takatunuye is arguably one of the leading computer scientists of the Oan Isles. He founded the company in 2002 as a platform to post pictures. Originally the layout and the conceptual design was very simple and primitive. When he came looking for funding, the Metatron Corporation laughed at him and said that his idea for an online platform that would connect the people of the world would fail abysmally. He then pitched the idea to Damehowe executives at the Auroran Conference for Innovation in Information and Communication Technology (known simply as Innovation Con).

They were taken by the idea and as part of their angel investor program, provided him with the financial capital and mentorship to cultivate the idea and establish his start up. The initial prototype search engine at the time called Coffee Club was a stupendous failure. Hardly anyone used it and it was prone to regularly collapse. This was because he had packed an incredible amount of functionality, detracting from its core purpose and undermining the user experience. When Damehowe threatened to pull the plug from the company, his team worked for 3 months and produce a vastly more simple product called Cafe Net. It was an incredibly simple browser yet its initial public offering raised 5 billion KRB on the Sani Bursil Stock Exchange.

Yet it would be years before the company could turn a profit. Instead, Damehowe bought Takatunuye's stake in Cafe Net for 18 billion KRB, making him one of the wealthiest men in the Oan Isles. Damehowe suggested moving the company to Sani Bursil to centralize their operations. Takatunuye refused because he believed that the Oan Isles vibrant tech sector provided some of the best computer scientists and entrepreneurs. Thus, the company remained firmly located in Cafe Net. His browser benefited from its incredibly simple but elegant algorithm, immaculate and user-oriented design. The work of Cafe Net spawned the Cafe Vibes video sharing platform.

In 2017, the Cafe Net office in Latianburg was attacked by Al Jaheed rebels. Although the Oan and Kuthern militaries came to the rescue, Niana Takatunuye, sister of Etuarti and head of that office was kidnapped. Etuarti called on then-Minister of Foreign Affairs Locklyn Le Roy to help with the rescue. Eventually Allied forces rescued Niana. Oan authorities identified the terrorist who did it as Muttar Mimahid. She was eventually rescued as the company's operations in that nation resumed. The Al Jaheed attacked Cafe Net again in 2017 when they hacked their cloud computing servers. Using a highly sophisticated denial-of-service attack, they shut down Cafe Net servers for a period. Coupled with a bombing on the headquarters of the Oan Intelligence Bureau, this formed a pretext for the Oan Isles and its allies to invade the Yor Isles where Al Jaheed was rumoured to be operating from. OAN NEWS published a scathing article alleging that the Oan government had incited the attack to find an excuse to start the Auroran-Pacific War with the goal of crushing a newly resurgent and ultra-fascistic Ethalria.The Oan government vehemently denied the accusations and won a lawsuit against the OAN NEWS for their claims. Nevertheless, director of the Auroran Security Agency Trent Gomez called for an investigation into the situation. Despite initial backpedaling of the Oans, they agreed to cooperate with the investigation - which was never carried out.


The company is fully owned by Damehowe. It shares information and resources with Damehowe and subscribes to the corporate culture and policies of that company. Nevertheless, it remains independent in its internal operations and strategy. The founder and CEO of the company, Etuarti Takatunuye runs the company. Unlike most companies, his primary focus is developing products whereas other C-suite officials and directors handle operational, marketing and related functional areas.

Services and products

Cafe Vibes

Cafe Vibes (hereinafter referred to simply as Vibes) is a social media platform geared toward video content creation. It is available on desktop, mobile and tablet. It can be accessed via the website or the mobile application. It is geared toward sharing videos. Content creators post live or recorded videos of unlimited duration on which other users can comment. Consumer users are able to search or browse through the videos to find the content they want. The site can make recommendations for that user on videos which they might like.

Cafe Net

Cafe Net (hereinafter referred to simply as Net), the search engine and browser service, is the locus of the entire company. All Damehowe Computers come with Cafe Net as the default browser leading to it being the most used browser in Aurora. It is available in many international languages such as but not limited to Staynish, Oan, Ethalrian and Salovian. It is completely free and its search algorithm prioritises user-focused search results. Thus, it uses personally identifiable data to build a profile and optimise the user experience. This is a service it sells to companies by allowing them to buy advertising space and target their advertisements to users. Net protects users through the Provider-Advertiser-User Compartmentalisation Method (PAUCM). PAUCM protects user data as follows:

  • Advertisers are not able to access the data collected in the user profile. The algorithm automatically targets the users who fit the target market.
  • The provider is not allowed to access user data. A very small selection of highly trusted staff are allowed to access the servers where the data is contained. They can only be asked to extract user data by a court order.
  • User control allows users to vary the amount of data collected and the extent of experience personalisation. Thus, users can opt out of personalised results, which forces the company to divorce their data from their personal profile when it is generated. Meaning that the data is only useful for generic statistical analysis of user behaviour over widespread geographical areas.

Cafe Net Academic Repository

The Cafe Net Academic Repository is an online archive for the storage, preservation and dissemination of academic resources such as academic journals, books, manuscripts, policy papers, theses and monographs. Key attractive features of the service include:

  • Multi-lingual access: Availability in several languages including but not limited to Staynish, Oan, Ethalrian and Salovian.
  • Institutional login: Secondly, the site offers academic institutions such as universities and research companies the ability to create institutional accounts that allow permitted staff and students to access academic resources.
  • Tiered access: Thirdly, it offers tiered access to academic resources, allowing users and institutions to access a field, journal or press catalogue for varying prices based on user or institutional preference.
  • Paid-subscription: Services for users and institutions are available on payment of monthly or yearly subscriptions. For individual users, contractual obligations are minimal, allowing users to cancel, suspend and restart their subscription without consequences.

Cafe Net Web Services

Cafe Net Web Services provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing services. The company has servers on every continent and the following services are available:

  • EC2: A virtual computer accessible from a client which is managed by a hypervisor on a server on a continent of the user's choice. The EC2 instance (virtual computer) is allocated hard and software resources such as memory and CPU based on the user's subscription level. Software can be stored and run on the EC2 instance and accessed and operated via a client. The hypervisor has internal insulation, meaning
  • IAM: Identity and Access Management allows the user to create a IAM Group which authenticates and authorises users to access services and resources such as EC2 instances linked to that IAM Group. The number of user accounts and resources which are linked to each IAM Group are controlled on a tiered paid-subscription.
  • VPN: EC2 instances and IAM groups are managed via a virtual private network accessible from the clients and servers. This virtual private network requires the IAM Group to control user access to the EC2 instances and IAM and VPN controls set there.
  • Data Storage: The user can also request memory and allocate that space across EC2 instances. Data storage varies in size, but the databases can be managed via a visual designer or SQL runner.