Scheherazade Al Sayyed

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Rabia Scheherazade Jalalyan ibnat Hassan Al Sayyed (Atasiqayidu: ربيعة شهرزاد جلالان بن حسن السيد) (born May 23rd, 2003) is the incumbent Emira of the Serene Emirate of Sayyed since May 2022

Scheherazade Al Sayyed
Emira of Sayyed and Sheikha of Atasiyah
2022 Portrait of Scheherazade
Emira of the Serene Emirate of Sayyed and Sheikha of Atasiyah
Reign16 May, 2022 - present
Coronation5 June, 2022
PredecessorEmir Hassan Al Sayyed
Heir PresumptivePrince Hakim Al Sayyed
Grand VizierMahmoud Al Ahdal
Born (2003-05-23) 23 May 2003 (age 19)
Al Mahadiyya Palace, Sayyed
Rabia Scheherazade Jalalyan ibnat Hassan Al Sayyed
HouseAl Sayyed
FatherDarius Hassan Al Sayyed
MotherDikranouhi Jalalyan

Being eighteen at the time she ascended to the throne, she is known to be one of the youngest Emiras of Sayyed. Because of her youth, she became a symbol of progress and a new era for the country and the voice of the Sayqidi youth.

She's known to be a patron of music and the arts and endorses the works of young artists and musicians, sponsoring events and shows that promote the work of artists. She is also known for her charity work and compassionate character.

Family Background

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Scheherazade is the eldest child and daughter of Emir Darius Hassan Al Sayyed and his wife, Dikranouhi Jalalyan, who is part of the Jalalyan Family,one of the wealthiest Haqmi families, making her one of the few Sayqidi monarchs of direct Haqmi heritage. She has three younger sisters and three younger brothers, including her heir presumptivePrince Hakim Al Sayyed.

Early Life

Scheherazade was born on the 23rd of May, 2003 at Al Mahadiyya Palace to Khaseki Amir Dikranouhi Jalalyan and then Emir Hassan Al Sayyed. According to the Emir, the moment she was born was the happiest moment in his life.
“It might have been day,  but the moon of al’Illah was in her eyes.”
Scheherazade, formerly referred to by her personal name, Rabia, spent her life in Al Mahadiyya Palace, where she learned the ways of the court and the government. She was known to be an incredibly talkative child, the courtiers barely being bored by her conversations.


Scheherazade learned the ways of Sayqidi politics from a young age. She was taught court etiquette beginning when she was a toddler and sat in Council of Viziers meetings from the age of nine. She was known to have taken notes and then told either her father or Grand Vizier Mahmoud Al Ahdal her opinions on what should have been done, based on what she knew. Most of these decisions were said to have been well thought-out, and the way Scheherazade presented her thoughts made her even more liked by the Imperial Viziers.

Scheherazade attended Auset Gamal Academy for Young Girls for her primary education and Tigran Mansour International for her secondary education. She graduated with honors in 2019 and began her upper education at Aghvani Arzumanyan University at their College of Fine Arts where she majored in music. When she became Emira in May of 2022, she took a year off from university to focus on her work as an Emira. She will potentially study part time to finish her degree in art by 2029.

The Abdication of Emir Hassan

Emir Hassan’s health has been declining from 2019 onwards, and on the sixteenth of May, 2022, he abdicated from the throne of Sayyed in favor of the then eighteen-year-old Scheherazade. She has mentioned that she was very surprised when she read his letter of abdication; she knew that the time was soon, but not a week before her birthday.

The Coronation

The official photographic coronation portrait of Scheherazade bearing the regalia, 2022

Because there was no period of mourning, preparations for the new Emira’s coronation began immediately after the Viziers were dismissed. Preparations also began for Scheherazade’s upcoming nineteenth birthday.

The ceremony took place on the fifth of June. It was, as with most Sayqidi coronations, grand. However, it was significantly grander than her father’s coronation in 1986.

As the ceremony goes, she was paraded on a palanquin during the hottest part of the day to resemble her endurance. It was said that she felt dizzy as she got off, but was fine nonetheless.


Personal Life

Scheherazade is said to not have had any romantic partners. She maintains a close relationship with her sister, Antaram Al Sayyed, who she thanks for the comfort and humor of the young princess.

She is also said to get along well with her heir presumptive, Crown Prince Hakim, who she likes to joke with when out of meetings.

To most people, Scheherazade is perceived as an amicable and lovely youth, but to the Imperial Viziers, she’s serious and has cold as rock.

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