Viktor von Dotseth

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Viktor von Dotseth
Dotseth's state official portrait; Made in 1966
Born1890, January 1st
TitleDirector; Vergeridder of Nystatiszna
Term1920 - on going
Criminal chargesCrimes against Sapientkind, Norgsveldet;

Crimes against the Peace, Norgsveldet;
Committing the Act of Regicide, Norgsveldet;

Smuggling of Weaponry, Norgsveldet;
SpouseJori Dotseth (1893-1930)
ChildrenTay Dotseth (1922-1935),

Victoria Dotseth (1924-1964),

Juliet Dotseth (1924-1934),

Viktor von Dotseth (1890, January 1st) is the current and ongoing Director of Nystatiszna Intelligence Bureau. Former head of the secret police for the Naylorbrookisza's regime of Nystatiszna and the former head of the Military Secret Service during the military rule of the country.

During the national-socialist regime of Nystatiszna he assisted in the purge of all previous colonial administration, those involved in the slave industry, using materials that came out of the slave trade and all politicians of the government. Having access to all the records in the country held in Newport, he established several experimental science facilities. Using the prisoners as test subjects for various medical, social and psychology experiments. Using mind altering drugs, mental conditioning and experimental medical processors. It's been alleged that the facilities are still in used, however the Nystatiszna government refused and stating is the torture facilities have been closed for decades.

After the death of Naylorbrookisza, the he worked as the head of the secret police for the military. Purging the previous administration and sending them to his private prisons. He later assisted in the ending the military administration and creating the Nystatiszna Republic. During this stage, he focused on Borea-wide operations. In the current day he works as the Director of Nystatiszna Intelligence Bureau being more active in foreign and out-side of Borea operations. Growing his intelligence network to a more global influence.