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Official portrait
Reign2017 to present
PredecessorEmperor Ehe
Heir ApparentCrown Prince Moana
Prime MinistersMaui Uye-Ahua
Born (1982-10-26) 26 October 1982 (age 41)
Palace of Putangitangi, Tokapa, Tokamotu, The Oan Isles
SpouseSerene Consort, Aroha
IssueCrown Prince Moana
Oahoanu Tamatea Waitangi
FatherEmperor Ehe
MotherSerene Consort, Eleanor of Staynes
SignatureOahoanu's signature

Oahoanu (known fully as Oahoanu Tamatea Waitangi Ahua) is the reigning Rangitanga-a-te-Moana. He is the oldest son of the former Rangitanga-a-te-Moana Ehe II and a direct descendant of the founder of the Oan Isles, Ahua the Great. Born in and raised in Tokapa, he was educated in the Oan Isles and Great Morstaybishlia, served in the Oan Defence Forces, and took over the running of the Oan royal family’s financial portfolio and philanthropy when his father ascended to the throne. He undertook various royal duties such as meeting with foreign leaders. After the 2016 terrorist attack on Tokapa, his father abdicated and he assumed the throne. He was instrumental in leading the Oan fight during the Auroran-Cerenerian War. Nevertheless, in a case brought by Freedom International, the extent of the powers which accrued to his office was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. He saw the War of the Kohatu Isles, by which the Diamond Authority that ruled over the islands of Gemica, Stonica and Jewelica was overthrown and they were brought into the Oan political orbit. He married Aroha, who was instrumental in the reconstruction of the Kohatu Isles, and has a son out of wedlock, Crown Prince Moana.

Early life

Oahoanu was born in the city of Tokapa in the royal Palace of Putangitangi in the neighbourhood of the same name to then-Crown Prince Ehe and then-Princess Eleanor of Staynes. Takaro was his older brother, but they were half brothers because he was born out of wedlock to another mother. He was born healthy and strong. Because he lived in a multi-ethnic family, his upbringing was influenced by the customs of his parents’ respective nationalities. Because of his father’s responsibilities and personal ambitions, he was not often around and his mother bore most of the work of raising him. Despite his father’s relative absence and rumors of an extramarital affair being sources of conflict for his parents, he later described the majority of his upbringing as happy and normal.

Upon her marriage to Ehe II, Eleanor converted to Mauism and he adopted the faith at an early age. He attended Putangitangi Primary School when he started his education. His teachers reported that he enjoyed mathematics and drawing and they encouraged him to pursue these areas. As he grew, his interests shifted and he played rugby. He attended Giovanni Santorini College in Rouanezkador, Kaltariezh where he played rugby competitively and thrived in science, mathematics and economics. In celebration of his 19th birthday, Blue Ocean Cruises named one of its cruise ships after him: the Oahoanu's Sun. This helped cement the ties between Blueacia and the Oan Isles, particularly between their respective royal families. After retiring from military service, he studied economics and politics at the Royal Bursil University and studied a Masters in International Relations from the University of Tokapa.

Military career

After matriculating from Kaltariezh, he returned to the Oan Isles to complete military training. He was trained in the Tokapa Army Academy for a year and trained at the Royal Armed Forces of the Empire Air Force Base in Valeria as a airplane pilot for another year. He returned to the Oan Isles and was deployed to the 13th Air Regiment under the command of Major General Tokana Rotuha. He was praised by his colleagues and commanding officers for his discipline and reliability. He worked in several missions such as transporting supplies to conflict zones and naval deployments in the southern Cerenerian Ocean. During his service he was introduced to a chiropractor. They had a long courtship and a child was born, then-Prince Moana. The child stayed with his mother, but Oahoanu visited often.

Crown Prince

Oahoanu as Crown Prince

After completing his studies, his grandfather abdicated and his father became the Rangitanga-a-te-Moana. Oahoanu was promoted to the first in line to assume the throne. He became the Crown Prince of the Oan Isles. In this role, he assisted his father with royal duties and took over some of the duties his father had when he was the Crown Prince. This including running the Royal Family’s philanthropic activities and commercial activities. During his tenure as the Crown Prince he oversaw one of the largest investment portfolios in the country which included assets ranging from property to shares in large companies. He parted ways with his chiropractor girlfriend and started dating Aroha.

However, he shone in his patronage of and contribution to charitable undertakings. The most prominent of these was the founding of the Oan Foreign Aid Agency known as OANAID in March 2017. The agency helped generate millions of kiribs in financed numerous development projects. The agency donated 22 million SHD to the Furnifold Works Institute to help finance an employment program which gave jobs to over 5000 people in Furnifold and 13 million SHD to the University of Mana in Furnifold to upgrade facilities there. It also received a donation of 5 million SHD and nearly 1 million SHD in books from the Chianski Socialist Federal Republic.

He attended a meeting convened by Lambertus VII Louzar, the High King of the United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishlia and Jusdelva, with his father Ehe, to discuss the growth of fascism in The Republic of Ethalria and wider political implications this caused. Because his father developed rapid Parkison's disease and the stress of the looming Auroran-Cerenerian War caused his health to deteriorate, Oahoanu was appointed Regent of the Oan Isles on June 11th 2017. Because Takaro, his older brother, was born out of wedlock, the Succession Law at the time forbade Takaro from becoming the heir to the throne. Coupled with Ehe reluctance to support the ascension of Takaro whom he believed was aggressive and unreliable, there was no traction to amend the law to give Takaro a chance to reign.


Oahoanu in his traditional clothes. Sometime he grows his hair out.

Ehe made Oahoanu the Regent instead of his brother Takaro in June 2017. Mikhail Starikov took over Stratarin and aligned that country’s foreign policy with the Axis powers. Oahoanu represented the Oan Isles in a meeting to discuss the looming threat of Stratarin joining the Auroran-Cerenerian War on the side of the Axis powers. His father, Ehe, believed that Stratarin’s involvement would open a Cerenerian front to the Auroran-Cerenerian War which the Oan Isles would be helpless to defend alone especially as mainland Auroran nations were dealing with their own issues. Oahoanu entreated Tretrid, Mexregiona and the Atlae Isles to join the war on the side of the Allies and help them defeat Stratarin if it joined on the side of the Axis powers. The Oan Isles fought some battles against Stratarin but Stratarin fizzled out as it was faced with economic collapse, diplomatic isolation and weakening allies. Thus, the Oan Isles shifted its attention to fighting in the Auroran Theatre of the war.

Oahoanu and Queen Naomi II of Kuthernburg had a meeting where they developed a strategy for the Auroran Theatre of the War. Because Xagrurg was threatening the Yor Isles and Kostoria-Obertonia, Oahoanu and Queen Naomi decided to invade the Yor Isles from which they could defeat the Xagrurgian Imperial Navy and take Eidenburgh in Xagrurg and invade Kostoria-Obertonia. Oahoanu approached the Council of Ministers with this plan. They approved and executed it. The Oan Isles initially had a major victory in taking the Yor Isles, but suffered heavy setbacks in Kostoria-Obertonia. After stubbornly attacking and temporarily holding Eidenburgh, they eventually lost the advantage and were unable to execute a greater plan of partitioning Xagrurg in two and occupying the Southern part of the country. As Oahoanu saw that the war was turning against the Oan Isles, he tried a diplomatic approach. Erwin Pipua, the leader of the fascist Xagrurgian government was seen as soft by his colleagues and they tried to assassinate him. He suffered injuries from the incident. Oahoanu had Pipua brought to the Oan Isles for medical treatment (others would argue that he kidnapped Pipua). When Pipua came to, Oahoanu tried to convince him to stand down and end the war for the good of all. Eventually, the Imperialists were overthrown and defeated and the Republic of Xagrurg was restored.


Official monogram of Rangitanga-a-te-Moana Oahoanu

The war had resulted in massive casualties, loss of military hardware and damage to infrastructure. Moreover, the country failed to achieve its objectives which involved taking possession of Sarentria. Thus there was widespread criticism of the politicians involved in the war. One of the criticisms came from Freedom International, an Oan-based international organization that campaigned against dictatorship. They brought a case to the Supreme Court of the Oan Isles which argued that the Oan government had allowed Oahoanu to exercise too much power. The Supreme Court ruled that the government had violated the law and democratic conventions. Because the government was still fully operational, the Court ruled that there was no need for it to give Oahoanu so much power. Thus, it barred Oahoanu from exercise that power unless the government of the Oan Isles was falling apart.

During his reign, he saw the Oan Isles invade the Kohatu Isles following an insurgency on that country led by the National Liberation Movement. On the advice of the Prime Minister of the Oan Isles he dissolved the Council of the People and called for fresh elections after the pressure from his political allies. After the 2019 parliamentary elections, Oahoanu reappointed Maui Uye-Ahua as the Prime Minister. The Emperor took a back seat during his reign. His wife took up running OANAID, the Oan Isles international aid agency and one of the largest foreign aid organizations in the world. She also spearheaded the integration of the Kohatu Isles into Oan political and social life through women-oriented programs. On the advice of the Prime Minister, he made Arana Marama the Minister of Foreign Affairs. One of his greatest diplomatic triumphs was his wedding (which is discussed below).


Clockwise: Old Gods of Vanaheim performing at the Palms Dome Stadium in Tokapa as part of the main concert, elephant parade on the streets of Tokapa, bioluminescent larvae lighting up the ceiling of the Marama Caves, and fireworks at the Tokapa Harbour where a floating party was held for dignitaries.

Oahoanu married Aroha Putea in December 2017. Lady Aroha was a journalist who worked for a well-known newspaper and she was a women's rights activist. His parents did not want him to marry Aroha because she was a journalist and from a medium-rank family and they preferred that he marry a foreign princess instead. Because at that point, he was the head of state and head of the Royal family, his parents were forced to abide by his decision as monarch.

According to lifestyle magazines, this is one of the biggest weddings in the world. Despite the high cost, it was considered a diplomatic triumph. The guest list featured heads of state and heads of government such as High King Lambertus VII, Queen Rosetta, Crown Princess Rosamund and other princesses of Great Morstaybishlia, ruler of Codex and head of the Codexian Catholic Church Pope Ciaran, Ecumenical Patriarkh of Misto Doshchi Daylo II, King Lewis Schnidly of Assowolf, Queen Naomi of Kuthernburg, Foreign Secretary Jackson Woolf and Magistrate Jacopo d'Arrigo of Furnifold, Maya Jaxacyl of the Atlae Isles, Lady Al'Ameth of Verdrassil, Kaiser Jon and Prince Hjalmar of Asendavia, Grand Duke Jeymian III and Grand Duchess Moria Drachenburg of Dragonia, Ikrisia Levinile Premier of Vekaiyu, Isklero IV, Bishop of Eldura, amomg many VIPs. This was one of the largest gathering of powerful people in the world in 2017. This includes his parents, former Emperor Ehe and Serene Consort Eleanor of Staynes.

Prior to the wedding the Ahua clan paid a dowry for Serene Consort Aroha to her clan, the Putea clan. The dowry payment and was in kind and cash. The wedding featured a massive concert at the Palms Dome Stadium in Tokapa with the most famous stars in the world: rock band Old Gods of Vanaheim of Dragonia, hip-hop artist Kodak Orange of Kuthernburg. Tens of thousand of people attended this concert. There was a wedding reception on barges in the Marama Caves which are some of the largest caves in the world and they are illuminated by billions of bioluminescent insect larvae. The service was an interreligious service and some of the powerful and important religious figures in the world spoke at the event. Then there was a parade where the dignitaries travelled on elephants. Another dinner party followed with many barges on the sea off the coast of the city of Tokapa. Costs for the wedding range in the hundreds of millions of kiribs. Some of the costs were recouped from the income from the Palms Dome Concert, media licenses, media royalties and tourist income.