League of Novaris

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League of Novaris
Flag of League of Novaris Liga vis Novarya/Лига Вис Новарья (Standard Durakan) Novrikonrat (Martovic Durakan) Oбщество Новарья (Vakarian) Ліга Новря (Ernokish) Ліга Нарвіры (Rydanian) Ligi Narvyra (Mulnikan) Novarike Liga (Gränser) Sraithe na Novarin (Durdneelian) Liga av Vestvind (Norgsveltian) Lega di Novari (Norvian) Ligue de Novaris (Lissian) Novaris Liga (Regic) Novaris liit (Rodokan) Krananíštídrak Tanadan (Tavari) ᚩᚱᛗᚫᛏᛖᛚᚪᚾᛞᛖᛋ ᚹᚫᚱ (Tretridian) Novaarin liiga (Vesienvällic) Liga de Novíra (Corric/Impelantic) Pèmhakèx'wek Nuwëmukònk (E’lixsienk)
Member states are shown in gold, while affiliated states are in yellow. Territories under League supervision (Cavellan, Rotantic Research Territory) are in beige.
Member states are shown in gold, while affiliated states are in yellow. Territories under League supervision (Cavellan, Rotantic Research Territory) are in beige.
Member states
4 Affiliated States
2 Observer States
• Secretary-General
Shano Tuvria
• Deputy Secretary-General
Æthelwine Heardesunu & Bobs Peare
EstablishmentJune 13, 2017 (2017-06-13)
• Total
27,189,096 km2 (10,497,769 sq mi) (2nd1)
• Estimate
682 million (2nd1)
• Density
87.4/km2 (226.4/sq mi) (88th1)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$21.2 trillion (1st1)
• Per capita
  1. If considered as a single entity.

The League of Novaris, commonly abbreviate as the LN and referred to as simply the League by member states, is an intergovernmental organization in Novaris.

The League was created on June 13, 2017, with the signing of the Charter of the League of Novaris by six founding nations: Celanora, Hustreache, Lapinumbia, Mexregiona, Arlavia, and Tretrid. The creation of the League occured against the backdrop of the then-ongoing Auroran-Pacific War, which saw Kuthernburg, Mexregiona, and Tretrid fight on the side of the Bursil Alliance. This resulted in increased dialogue between the three nations and led to talks between them and aligned nations to create an organization to preserve regional peace, ensure international cooperation, and to represent Novaris on a global stage. The League roughly sought to emulate the Auroran Continental Assembly, though significantly less restrictive. The Novaran Council manages the relations between the League and international entities and sets League policy, while various sub-organizations allow member and associate states to cooperate on matters like infrastructure and social development.

There are three types of League nations: Full Members, who have voting seats at the Council and have most if not all of their territory in Novaris, Affiliates, who may vote on the council in case of a tie and have some territory in Novaris, and Observers, nations that cannot vote and possess no territory in Novaris but are invested in furthering relations with League states.

The League of Novaris has grown to include twenty-eight member nations since its founding, and has gained four affiliate and one observer nations.

Member states

The League has grown from its six founding states (Arlavia, Celanora, Lapinumbia, Mexregiona, Hustreache, and Tretrid) to a total of twenty-eight full member states.

Prospective members are approved by a simple majority vote of the Novaran Council to be admitted into the League of Novaris.

List of member states
State Capital Accession Population Area Population Density
Antora Eleçeron November 11, 2021 42,112,000 362,019 square kilometres
(139,776 square miles)
116 per square kilometre
(300 per square mile)
 Celanora Lucroza June 13, 2017Founder 50,000,000 557,981 square kilometres
(215,438 square miles)
90 per square kilometre
(230 per square mile)
Cryria Leidenstad December 1, 2020 36,000,000 942,328 square kilometres
(363,835 square miles)
38 per square kilometre
(98 per square mile)
Durakia Wesnov May 2, 2018 43,273,474 381,700 square kilometres
(147,400 square miles)
113 per square kilometre
(290 per square mile)
Ekvatora Evakjevo November 9, 2019 Example 95,987 square kilometres
(37,061 square miles)
Endertopias Starynwale May 14, 2021 32,266,460 579,591 square kilometres
(223,781 square miles)
56 per square kilometre
(150 per square mile)
Gamlevinland Halǿby Example 64,563,884 499,176 square kilometres
(192,733 square miles)
129 per square kilometre
(330 per square mile)
Gräntierik Luträbby February 15, 2021 9,700,000 50,999 square kilometres
(19,691 square miles)
190 per square kilometre
(490 per square mile)
 Hustreache Vesthavn June 13, 2017Founder 27,400,000 - -
Kelamí League Lèxawèkink February 16, 2022 25,000,000 913,094 square kilometres
(352,548 square miles)
27 per square kilometre
(70 per square mile)
Lapinumbia Vecitania June 13, 2017Founder 34,630,498 438,319 square kilometres
(169,236 square miles)
79 per square kilometre
(200 per square mile)
Lunaeria Libaana Example Example 563,280 square kilometres
(217,480 square miles)
Meagharia Burnside June 3, 2019 15,102,456 268,427 square kilometres
(103,640 square miles)
56 per square kilometre
(150 per square mile)
Metradan Acruni January 1, 2020 10,800,242 156,006 square kilometres
(60,234 square miles)
69 per square kilometre
(180 per square mile)
Mexregiona Dropdatderp June 13, 2017Founder 2,787,387 144,287 square kilometres
(55,710 square miles)
19 per square kilometre
(49 per square mile)
Rodoka and the Isles Sinajärv August 23, 2022 1,946,685 26,664 square kilometres
(10,295 square miles)
73 per square kilometre
(190 per square mile)
Sarvimaa Valkoniemi December 16, 2021 - 174,389 square kilometres
(67,332 square miles)
Seccera Celano September 10, 2020 - 142,100 square kilometres
(54,900 square miles)
Taiyō Qun Xing July 23, 2018 32,415,376 128,143 square kilometres
(49,476 square miles)
253 per square kilometre
(660 per square mile)
 Transnalpia Beorglad November 27, 2021 72,000 26,706 square kilometres
(10,311 square miles)
3 per square kilometre
(7.8 per square mile)
 Tretrid Cynebury June 13, 2017Founder 115,000,000 1,352,790 square kilometres
(522,320 square miles)
85 per square kilometre
(220 per square mile)
Varentine League Varencia December 28, 2021 - 262,367 square kilometres
(101,300 square miles)
Varletia Fochesboch February 15, 2021 780,400 37,229 square kilometres
(14,374 square miles)
21 per square kilometre
(54 per square mile)
Vesienväl Välillä June 8, 2020 50,013,994 857,403 square kilometres
(331,045 square miles)
58 per square kilometre
(150 per square mile)
 Volscina Cadrigrano November 16, 2017 117,790,000 1,416,688 square kilometres
(546,986 square miles)
83 per square kilometre
(210 per square mile)
Ymirland Kyinster October 28, 2020 15,000,000 - -


The League of Novaris is a term applied to generally refer to multiple organizations that consist of it. The two organizations in the League that are generally considered to consist of the "League proper" are the Secretariat and the Novaran Council, which were created under the terms of the Charter of the League of Novaris.

The League of Novaris contains a number of sub-organizations. These groups are managed by member and affiliate states and are used to facilitate economic, research, military, and transport cooperation between likeminded nations. Sub-organizations are not controlled or overseen by the Novaran Council, but it is generally accepted that the Council can choose to censure or dissolve these groups if necessary. Admission into sub-organizations is granted to interested nations by simple majority votes of the sub-organizations current members. Observer states can also join, but are not granted voting privliedges.


The Secretariat of the League of Novaris forms the administrative and bureaucratic apparatus of the LN. It is headed by the Secretary-General. The Secretariat is responsible for the maintenance of League facilities, security on LN property, updating the roll of involved nations, as well as most of the behind-the-scenes work that allow the other organizations to function and exist under the name of the League of Novaris.

Novaran Council

The Novaran Council, occasionally abbreviated as the NC, is the highest deliberative body within the League. All members, associates, and observers of the League of Novaris are given a seat in the Novaran Council, though only members may have a vote. The Novaran Council handles matters of admission to the League, and is empowered to pass binding resolutions regarding the League itself.

The Novaran Council is also able to approve sanctions and to condemn other nations, which it is often done in response to international crises.

Conference for Amity and Cooperation

The Conference for Amity and Cooperation, or CAC, is a joint development program and information sharing agreement between Älemsi Negdel, Antora, Cryria, the Kelamí League, Mexregiona, and the Varentine League. The CAC represents the interests of these nations, most of which are located near the Rotantic Circle. Various programs and agreements between CAC nations exist to further their economic and scientific capabilities, as well as provide a joint intelligence sharing system for the intelligence agencies and strategic organs of their governments. The CAC does not constitute a military alliance, but its members do trade defensive technology with each other significantly more than with other countries.

Some of the projects the CAC has undertaken include joint arms development on multirole icebreaker-capable warships, which has produced the Amity-class patrol vessel, and establishment of global data and seed preservation facilities within the Rotanic Älemsi territories. Ongoing programs consist of expanding free trade provisions between member states, cooperative satellite uplink infrastructure via Cryrian space programs, designing COIN-capable armored vehicles and aircraft, renewable energy research, sustainable Rotantic agriculture research, and establishing permenant trade routes through the Rotantic Ocean.

Council of South Novaris

The Council of South Novaris is an economic and travel partnership between Lapinumbia, Transnalpia, and Tretrid. Member states have open borders and a unified visa program as well as interconnected economic and trade systems. The CSN was founded in the 20th century and was brought under the League umbrella after the larger organizations' founding.

Novaran Transportation Commission

The Novaran Transportation Commission, or NTC, is a large organization that operates the Novaran Transportation Network. It is unique among sub-organizations in that it was created via resolution of the Novaran Council. The NTC operates, funds, and develops the trans-Novaran infrastructure used in international and regional trade, including railways, ports, roads, and other transportation facilities. Its current members include Aponivia, Antora, Durakia, Ekvatora, Gamlevinland, Gräntierik, Lapinumbia, Meagharia, Seccera, Transaplia, Tretrid, Varletia, Vesienväl, and Volscina, over half the current League states. Its current Chairwoman is Isis Gay.

Novaran Workers' Rights Council

The Novaran Workers Rights Council, or NWRC, is an organization comprised of socialist and generally left-wing states formed to protect the rights of workers and the impoverished, termed by the NWRC as the "Proletariat" and the "Underclass." The NWRC is affiliated with the Organization of Socialists for the Rights of the Proletariat. The organization publishes an annual report known as the Little Red Folder on the state of workplace safety and worker conditions across Novaris. Member states are required to maintain a high standard of workplace ethics and workers rights and cooperate in the actions of the Council aimed at promoting trade unions, collective bargaining, cooperative ownership, and anti-exploitation legislature. The NWRC has visa agreements and trade treaties between their members, which include Durakia, Ekvatora, Gräntierik, Vesienväl, and Sarvimaa.