Alyona Petrovavich

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Grand Chancellor
Alyona Petrovavich
Chancellor of Tuvaltastan
In office
17 October 2012 – Present
Preceded byVictor Victrovavich
Member of the Zedakhlia for Akhlos P'reria
In office
17 October 2006 – 16 October 2010
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byCureli Ghakhidze
Personal details
Alyona Petrovabichvili

(1980-08-06) 6 August 1980 (age 43)
Ts'mekhit, Salovia
Political partyIndependent
ResidenceAkhalibisi, Tuvaltastan

Alyona Petrovavich, born 6 August 1980 as Alyona Petrovabichvili, is a Salovian-born Tuvalt politician currently serving as the second Chancellor of Tuvaltastan since her election in 2012, being the first woman to hold the position. Previously, she had served as the first MZ for the Akhlos P'reria province from 2006 to 2010. Born during the events preceding the start of the Salovian Civil War, much of her adolescent and adult life had been spent in refuge in the Ethalrian Republic, where she observed the war from a distance. In 1998, at the age of 18, she returned to southern Salovia (soon to be Tuvaltastan) where she joined the Tuva-Altai Coalition (TAC), and quickly became a central figure of activism in the organization, . Upon independence, she was elected to become the first representative of Akhlos P'reria, serving under Chancellor Victor Victrovavich.

Political Career

Early Activism

As Zedakhli Representative of Akhlos P'reria

Return to Activism

2012 Campaign for Chancellor

First Chancellery

Starting a month after her election to the Chancellery, Petrovavich ordered the Tuvalt military to take action to regain control of the Avutili Archipelago, and proposed legislation for approval to do so. Previously a distant region of Salovia, the islands quietly became independent during the chaos of the Civil War. Nationally seen by Tuvalts as simply retaking territory controlled by separatists, the Zedakhli rubber-stamp approved the military effort, and resulted in a shaky reintegration into Tuvaltastan after a five year period of conflict. Many of Tuvaltastan's neighbors, however, condemned the military operation as a blatant violation of the rights of the Avutili people. The archipelago was officially absorbed into Tuvaltastan by 2017 as the Avutili Autonomous Domain.

From 2015 to 2016, after a concerning number of border skirmishes occurred along the Tuvalt and Kostrom borders among civilians primarily along the Khermali River, a series of policies headed by Petrovavich and her Kostrom counterpart were implemented to prevent further disturbances. The efforts dissuaded further skirmishes, with the last one occurring on 18 October, 2016.

As a consequence of rising tensions on the continent resulting from the Auroran Split crisis, Petrovavich and her advisors deliberated over the question of Tuvaltastan's membership in the Auroran Continental Assembly. In the end, Tuvalt leaders opted to leave the organization over questions on its jurisdiction and whether its institutions were effective, along with a number of other nations. Under Petrovavich, Tuvaltastan abandoned its membership in the ACA, and opted to join the Auroran Union, a newly-created organization spearheaded by the Oan Isles. This new union would be short-lived however, and later analysis suggests the union was a political effort to inflate the influence of the Oan Isles against Great Morstaybishlia. Around the same time, the Ethalrian Matriarchy and the Ethalrian Republic instigated the Aurora-Pacific War, with Petrovavich opting to place Tuvaltastan into a non-belligerence neutrality policy, opting to provide medical assistance during the war, and assisting in economic recovery plans afterwards. At the conclusion of the APW, the UNAC was formed, with Petrovavich representing Tuvaltastan as a signatory.

2018 Election

Second Chancellery

Following the conclusion of the Aurora-Pacific War, Kostromastan fell into political disarray, with the nation splitting into three primary factions: the Nationalist Socialist Union of New Salovia, the Volovan People's Revolutionary Army, and those loyal to the previous government. Petrovavich, in an effort to keep the peace, contacted the factions, and in the process she came to an integration and protectorate agreement with the leaders of the Tula and Astra provinces of Kostromastan, effectively absorbing the provinces into Tuvaltastan. Like with the absorption of the Avutili Archipelago, the protectorate declaration was looked at as a move to expand Tuvalt power over its local region. As dictated by the agreement, Tula and Astra officially became protectorates of Tuvaltastan on 1 January 2021.

Marasaur Ridge Conflict

Following tensions exacerbated by the ongoing crisis in Volova, a series of skirmishes occurred between Thalria and Tuvaltastan, spanning from the first skirmish on 22 November 2020 through to the Tuvalt-Thalrian Ceasefire on 29 January 2021, as well as the deaths of approximately 300 military servicemembers on both sides. Petrovavich has taken actions to open up discussions and negotiations with her Thalrian counterpart Lenski Sarinn, however discussions have stalled and the altercation has been deemed by many as a frozen conflict. Efforts by the Petrovavich administration to bring the conflict to a resolution are still ongoing as of 23 March 2022.

Volovan Civil War