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Sultana-Queen Consort of Packilvania and Drakkengard
Sultana Mebri.png
Mebri Bedon official portrait by Luhaz Alaxaahid
BornMebri a-Tawak Mudawaheen
Kalaigard, Jumhurikesh, Packilvania
SpouseNamdun III, Sultan-King of Packilvania and Drakkengard
IssuePrince Thumim Bedon
Princess Yadika Bedon
Prince Abuyin Bedon
FatherTawak Mudawaheen

Mebri Bedon (née Mudawaheen) is the former Sultana Consort of Packilvania and Queen of Drakkengard. She is married to Namdun III, Sultan-King of Packilvania and Drakkengard and head of the Bedonite dynasty. She is the daughter of the Supreme Magister of the Magisterium of Paxism Tawak Mudawaheen and mother to the Crown Prince of Packilvania and Chairman of the Council of State of Drakkengard, Prince Thumim Bedon, Patron of the University of Bingol, Princess Yadika Bedon and Deputy Crown Prince of Packilvania, Prince Abuyin Bedon.

She had been estranged from the Sultan of Packilvania despite being married since the 1970s for decades but reconciled in 2022. She presently resides in the Sultana's Palace in Bingol, Packilvania. She is Namdun III's first wife of five. Her estrangement from her husband arose due to the elevation of Namdun III's other consorts from the rank of Her Royal Highness, Princess of Packilvania and Drakkengard to Her Majesty and Royal Highness, Princess of Packilvania and Queen of Drakkengard.

Thus, she no longer uses the titles and styles of the Kingdom of Drakkengard in public life. Furthermore, since Namdun III abused and seriously injured Crown Prince Thumim Bedon rendering him infertile, she has refused to set foot in the Bingol Royal Palace except for official responsibilities. These incidents nearly caused a rift between the Mudawaheen family and the Bedon family. To prevent the destruction of their alliance, she agreed to have another child by him. Thus the birth of Prince Abuyin Bedon is rumoured to be the last time they were intimate.

Her current title and style is as follows: By the Divine Beneficence of Noi, Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, Mebri, Sultana of Packilvania and Queen of Drakkengard. She is seen as a senior maternal figure in Packilvania. Her elegance and that of her court have inspired fashion and etiquette throughout Packilvania with many of the wealthy jockeying for invitations to her parties. Others have criticised her as a materialistic and superstitious woman in part for her extravagant and conspicuous consumption as well as use of Paxist spiritualists to reverse Thumim's infertility. She is a devout Paxist. She is also the patron of various charitable organisations. In a rare instance of public criticism of the Packilvanian monarchy, she publicly decried the government's arrest of her father Tawak Mudawaheen. The arrest drew public outrage the likes of which the Sultan had never seen in his reign.