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International Forum
Flag of
Founding members are in navy blue. Non-founding members are in gold. Observers are in light blue. Suspended members are red.
Founding members are in navy blue. Non-founding members are in gold. Observers are in light blue. Suspended members are red.
HeadquartersRilanon, Christie Island
Member states117 members
3 observers
• Secretary-General
Jeromy Gride
• Security Council chairperson
Klara Sarinov
• Deputy Secretary-General
Ferdynand Mokry
Establishment1921 CE

The International Forum is an international organization seated at Rilanon, Christie Island that seeks to maintain international peace and security, promote peaceful relations among nations, and to serve as the "primary place of discussion and deliberation" on matters of global concern. The organization was founded in 1921 in response to the Great War; with the result having been a stalemate, it was feared that another war could follow soon if a side made an attempt for a better outcome.

International Forum headquarters in Rilanon, Christie Island.

33 original founding nations signed the International Forum Charter in 1921. The organization has since expanded to 92 member-states and 4 observer states. Observers are able to participate in discussion, but cannot vote. The organization has two organs: the Security Council, designed to address threats to international peace; and the General Council, designed to address all other matters of international importance. Each member and observer can send one representative to the General Council. The General Council then elects the members of the Security Council, which has ten seats. The General Council also elects the Secretary-General, who is the chief administrative officer of the organization and the presiding officer of the General Council. Elected terms are for six months, with elections every February and August.

Effective in February 2021, an amendment to the International Forum Charter merged it with the Global Crisis Council, a separately-established international accords that is designed to be invoked in matters of particular emergency or crisis, such as a global war or an approaching extinction-level event. Beginning as of the start of that year's legislative term, members of the Security Council must also be members of the Global Crisis Council, which has stricter membership requirements and stronger enforcement mechanisms than the International Forum. Additionally, the Chairperson of the Global Crisis Council now presides over the Security Council ex officio, althought this had already been the de facto case since August of the previous year.

The current Secretary-General is Jeromy Gride of Mexregiona. The current Deputy Secretary-General is Ferdynand Mokry of Lasówkrania. The current Chairperson of the Global Crisis Council is Klara Sarinov of Durakia.


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