Bedonite dynasty

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Royal family
Flag of Packilvania.png
CountryPackilvania, Drakkengard
Current regionPax-Draconica
Place of originMakobar, Packilvania
FounderBedon of Makobar
Current headNamdun III
  • Imperial Majesty
  • (Royal) Majesty
  • Royal Highness
Members42,888 (Ubdeelite branch)
2,445 (Gurionite branch)
Connected members
MottoLurakhat aluShultanisme yeluhayeem
"The right to rule is by blood"
Estate(s)Makobar Palace
Cadet branchesBedon-Vaskar
The Bedonite dynasty is the family that currently rules over Packilvania. It officially assumed power on 23 September 1980 when the Parliament of Packilvania passed the Constitution of Packilvania. The Constitution stipulates the line of succession of the Sultan of Packilvania which is limited to the House of Bedon. The membership, ranks, titles and emoluments of the House of Bedon are stipulated in the Constitution and by decrees issued by the Sultan. Members of the House of Bedon hold senior ranking roles in the government, military, religion and state owned businesses. Comprising over 42,000 members, it is arguably the largest and most powerful family in the world. With control not only over the state apparatus but over private commercial enterprises and vast treasures and estates, it is also the wealthiest family in the world. The head of the House of Bedon is His Imperial Majesty, Sultan Namdun III.

Bedon of Makobar was a general of High King Ishak I. He was awarded the title of Grand Duke of Makobar and ruled over the Grand Duchy of Makobar a feudal state of the United Kingdom of Bakil under the Zubraynite dynasty in starting in the 1280s when Ishak Zubrayn defeated Jurin IV of Bingol. He named his family after himself and declared that his lands and title shall pass to his eldest male heir (who adheres to Paxism). His sons served in the government of theZubraynite dynasty for centuries. The Bedonite dynasty attempted a coup in 1567 but they were defeated by the Zubraynite. They were demoted to the Dukes of Makobar and their realms were reduced in size. In 1670 under Duke Ivar a-Kawal Bedon, the House of Bedon sided with King Saidun the Conqueror of Fidakar to overthrow Uden II of Packilvania to establish the Demirite dynasty's rule. The Bedonite realm was expanded and they were made senior officials in the government.

With the Packilvanian Communist Party taking over Packilvania in 1917, Grand Duke Gurion a-Vulin Bedon switched allegiance to the party. He renounced his title and joined the party. He was appointed Head Administrator of Bedon. His family continued to enjoy wealth and influence and they avoided being purged from power. His son Amhoud a-Gurion Bedon was a senior member of the Packilvanian government and he was in charge of human extermination. He established a party-affiliated organisation called the Carriers of Mercy as a foreign humanitarian aid structure to spread Packilvanian communism overseas. It was in fact a cover for rescuing humans. Millions were saved. The Carriers established a military group known as the Warriors of Mercy which eventually launched the Second Packilvanian Civil War which overthrew the communists. Amhoud I was declared Sultan at the Temple of the Restoration in Adrien and he reconstituted the Parliament of Packilvania which passed a constitution that made him the absolute ruler of Packilvania.


The Imperial Family Act (luKhanon aluBayeet amuShultan) stated that all male line descendants of the 18th Grand Duke of Makobar, Ubdeel a-Imahan Bedon, would entitled to comprise the Imperial Family. The Bedonite dynasty has 42,888 members As of 31 December 2022, all of whom have the title of His/Her Imperial Highness, Prince or Princess of Packilvania and Drakkengard. In 2022, it was announced that all members born outside of the Gurionic branch would no longer be able to pass on the title of Prince or Princess[1]. Furthermore, the government announced that Princes and Princesses outside of the Gurionic branch would no longer receive state stipends and other perks. In total, the Gurionic branch has 2,445 members.

Bedon Family Tree.png


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