Commercial Cooperation Partnership

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The Commercial Cooperation Partnership (CCP, Packilvanian: luKhavnan aluLaheedismhe aluShaglamayan luBazaarashme) is an international agreement to facilitate communication and coordination of tariffs, health and safety standards, migrant workers and property rights between Packilvania and member states of the League of Novaris. It was established on 18 May 2022.

The organisation comprises a Forum of Ministers of Trade (or equivalent) who discuss mechanisms of trade between the member states. There is also an independent panel created to mediate trade disputes. Although the agreement does not impose legal obligations on the members thereof, it aims to normalise the trading relationship between them and facilitate transparency. The agreement is tailored to the geopolitical situation between League of Novaris member states and Packilvania.

The first draft of the agreement was rejected almost unanimously by the Council of the League of Novaris in May 2022 as it imposed legal obligations that were not only onerous but created obligations on the League as a whole as well as invdividual present and future member states. The Packilvanian Foreign Minister, Prince Alawadun a-Jibrael Bedon, submitted a second draft which circumvented the Council and watered down its provisions so that nations voluntarily signed up and were not subjected to any legally enforceable conditions.

As of 19 May 2022, the members of this body are currently: