Iriko "Loving Hawk"

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Iriko 2022
ElectedAugust 23rd, 1982
CeremonySeptember 17th, 1982
PredecessorShaman Takanáat "Shining Tree"
Born (1923-03-14) 14 March 1923 (age 100)
Mokwo village; Chariak Tribe, Kuduk
SpouseMakana Muchat (Deceased)
Iriko "Loving Hawk"
Birth TribeChariak
ReligionKuduk Shamanism

Iriko (born March 14, 1923), also known as "Loving Hawk", was a well-known medicine man, healer, and the current Shaman of Kuduk. As the de facto representative of the shamanic tribes, along with the Tundra and Heiki Tribes, he held a significant role in the preservation and promotion of traditional religious practices. Throughout his life, Iriko was widely acknowledged for his contributions to the faith and remains a prominent figure in the community.

Official Shamanic Seal