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The foreign relations of the Oan Isles are controlled by the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is in charge of Foreign affairs. The country's major goals include spreading democracy and building economic partnerships. Major policy stances can be characterized by state-interventionism. Important partners include Great Morstaybishlia and major Memberships include the UNAC.

Political oversight

The Constitution vests the Emperor of Polynesia with the power to conclude treaties, wage war and make peace. In practice, the Emperor only exercises these powers on the advice of the Council of Ministers, particularly the Prime Minister of the Oan Isles. Thus, the Emperor plays a symbolic role in foreign relations. In reality, the Emperor's job lies in entertaining foreign guests, receiving the accreditations of foreign ambassadors and signing the accreditations of Oan ambassadors to other nations, undertaking foreign visits when asked by the government and signing treaties which the executive and legislative branches have already promulgated.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arana Marama, is in charge of the diplomatic service and she is the highest advisor of the government on foreign relations. She controls the Department of Foreign Affairs which administers diplomatic relations with other nations.


The Oan Isles foreign policy is characterized by the following traits:

  • Strategic intervention: The Oan Isles will intervene in the internal affairs of neighboring nations when possible and necessary. This includes but is not limited to economic sanctions, military attacks, and supporting rebellions.
  • Democracy first: The Oan Isles will form bilateral ties with nations that are mostly democratic. Countries with liberal democracies and constitutional monarchies will receive preference.
  • No nuclear or chemical weapons: The Oan Isles has disavowed nuclear and chemical weapons and will continue to champion the Non-Proliferation of such weapons.

Foreign policy goals

The following objectives have been cited as guiding forces of Oan foreign policy:

  • Establishing markets for Oan value-added goods.
  • Establishing reliable sources of raw materials and capital goods.
  • Spreading liberal democratic values to as many nations as possible.
  • Neutralising nations which would potentially harm the Oan Isles.
  • Eradicating political terror and fundamentalist non-state actors.

Bilateral relations


The Oan Isles maintains bilateral ties with the following nations:

  • Great Morstaybishlia is by far the Oan Isles' closest political, economic and military partner despite the First and Second Morsto-Oan War. The two work closely in the IRSA and were instrumental in the formation of the Auroran Union. Their partnership has been in fact criticized as being too close[1][2]. Metatron Corporation produces integrated circuits for Audelli Group, Damehowe and Primrose and has a division in Valeria. Vendaz operates several mines in the Oan Isles. The Oan Isles and Great Morstaybishlia have a Four Year Infrastructure Development Plan connecting the Oan Isles with MWPT[3][4]. Great Morstaybishlia provides the Oan Isles with 5 billion KRB in military aid[5]. Lambertus VII and Oahoanu are second cousins and Lady Aroha visited the Louzars in 2021 following a terrorist attack in the Kohatu Isles[6]. Cafe Net is a subsidiary of Damehowe. Standard National Bank has operations in MBE. Lambertus VII is a Commander of the Order of the Blue Macaw. The University of Tokapa and the Royal Bursil University jointly administer the Great Seed Repository at the International Icelab[7].
  • Kuthernburg is the Oan Isles's second closest and most important non-Auroran partner. Kuthern company JV Marine World Parks & Entertainment has invested billions into Anapa. Queen Naomi Truden II awarded Emperor Ehe the Blue Medal on behalf of Oan forces involved in the Latianburg Insurgency and she is a Commander of the Order of the Blue Macaw. The two nations cooperate on military technology such as KAE Systems' drone warfare program.
  • Tuvaltastan is a close partner as the two countries work together in the UNAC and were both part of the Bursil Alliance, ACA and Auroran Union. Furthermore, the Oan Isles switched support to Tuvalt national, Lara Tarasovna, in the 2017 UNAC President election. President Alyona Petrovavich was appointed Commander of the Order of the Blue Macaw.
  • Tivot is a close partner as the two countries work together in the UNAC and were members of the Bursil Alliance, ACA and AU. Edwin Ita and Kaha Marama of Ita Marama advised Chief Executive Eliri Drzevili on the Tivot Sandwich. Chief Executive Boris Loctov was appointed Commander of the Order of the Blue Macaw.
  • Blueacia is a major partner of the Oan Isles. Blueacian-based Labia Turtle Bank sent a massive low-interest loan to the Oan Isles in a time of economic distress.
  • Emberwood Coast and the Oan Isles have mostly worked through UNAC, and formerly ACA bodies. President Nimona Poole was appointed Commander of the Order of the Blue Macaw.
  • South Hills and the Oan Isles have formal ties and cordial relations.
  • Peregrinia and the Oan Isles are close partners. The two have collaborated on joint oil and disaster relief in the Caven Sea.
  • Sokala
  • Yor and the Oan Isles have a long military history. The Oan Isles assisted Yor in 2017 to repel the Ethalrian invasion.
  • Axdel and the Oan Isles have collaborated on military issues. For instance, Axdel gave the Oan Isles use of the Indigo Islands during the APW.
  • Dragonia and the Oan Isles have a history of trade and joint scientific research on food security that predates the UNAC.
  • Tretrid has supported the Oan Isles with matériel and equipment during the APW.
  • Atlae
  • Mexregiona
  • Vistaraland and the Oan Isles have cordial relations. INTCO subsidiary Guildhall's Auroran headquarters are located in the Oan Isles.
  • Vivancantadia
  • Drakaland and The Oan Isles work together in the UNAC.
  • Sarentria and The Oan Isles worked together in the UNAC.
  • Vekaiyu is a respected partner. Ikrisia Levinile was personally invited to attend the wedding of Rangitanga-a-te-Moana Oahoanu and Aroha.
  • Volkia is a close diplomatic and economic partner. Metatron Corporation produces integrated circuits for Volktel and Velox Motors. Velox Motors maintains a car assembly plant in the Oan Isles.


The Oan Isles has difficult or strained relations with the following nations:

  • Volova: The Oan Isles does not have an embassy in Volova and the embassy in Tuvaltastan serves diplomatic functions for Oan citizens and businesses working and residing in Volova. Tension are high due to uncovering a human trafficking operation in the country linked to the Oan Isles[8].


The Oan Isles has official and openly enmitious relations with the following nations:

  • Fortuna is an enemy state due it invasion and annexation of Eridani Theta (which the Oan Isles does not recognise) and persecution of vulpines
  • Stratarin is an enemy state due to its failed invasion of the Oan Isles.
  • Packilvania is an enemy state due to its horrendous human rights record which includes the biggest genocide in history.
  • Nystatiszna is an enemy state due to its exploitation and persecution of nekomimis, which includes mass starvation. The Oan Isles has called for sanctions on the country[9][10].
  • Thalria is an enemy state due to the illegal overthrow of the Bursil Alliance-established government of Gertrude Amaliadotter by Lenski Sarinn.

International organizations

The Oan Isles is a member of the following international organizations:


As part of the UNAC, the Oan Isles belongs to the single market, whereby goods, services, people and capital can move freely between member nations. Nevertheless, given the Oan Isles abundance of fragile ecosystems and densely populated territory, it has been allowed to impose restrictions to protect its resources and natural habitat.

As part of the KMU, the Oan Isles's monetary policy is controlled by the Auroran Central Bank. The Oan Isles entire trade is facilitated by the kirib currency. The Oan Isles is a part of the AMF which helps countries grow their economies and meet balance of payments obligations.


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